iPhone 4 Repair!

Hello M:R Nation –

Did you know that the iPhone 4 is almost 3 years old? Yeah, thats a true statement that I didn’t believe and had to research for myself. It’s mind boggling to think how fast time goes by. It seemed like just yesterday we waited in line at our local Apple store and shared our experience.

Why is this topic even coming up, you ask? Well, the iPhone 4 continues to remain relevant even after almost 1095 days. I think its safe to say that the iPhone 4 is the mother of the modern day smart phone. Which is why it is so timeless. Its technology was beyond it’s years.

People love this phone so much that they coming back to repair them again and again (I’m sure our Got Repair benefit has something to do with it)! But believe it or not, the amount of fist time customers we see needing iPhone 4 repairs is truly amazing.

iPhone 4 busted

There is no reason to not repair this!

It’s not easy to remember what came out last week, let alone 3 years ago, but with the iPhone 4 remaining a prevalent repair service for us at Mission Repair, it will be a long while before we forget about this beauty of a phone!

So, as long as you our customers keep asking for it, we will keep repairing it. With a very wide range of repair capability, there is nothing on the iPhone 4 that we can’t fix for you. Of course, we have the more popular iPhone 4 Front Glass Screen and Phone 4 Back Glass repairs, but the choices go way beyond that.

So, if you find yourself holding onto the timeless piece of technology that is the iPhone 4, feel at peace knowing that Mission Repair will be by your side to pick the pieces up and reassemble it if ever needed!

Cheers, Troy

Sale Extended – 4th Gen iPod Touch Glass Repair!

Hello all-

I’ve gotten some “disappointment” emails from customers that weren’t able to capitalize on the AMAZING Mission Repair Coupon Code that I offered last week.

So I came up with a solution. I’m gonna just extend the coupon. That’s a novel idea!

There ya have it. The coupon code “TAHOE” has been extended though Sunday May 22, 2011. This will bring the price of the 4th Gen iPod Touch Glass Repair down to just $94 installed! It’s our lowest price to date and it represents the best price for the money in the market. Why is that? Well we’ll also throw in our “Got Repair” benefits for free. So after you have the iPod repaired with us and if you every break or crack the screen again, we’ll replace it again under our “Got Repair” program. Simply astounding!

Hey, I’m getting back to work! Talk to you soon.


Samsung Rogue Screen Repair = 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, LAUNCHED!

Hello all, I’m here to help you with ALL of your Mission Repair and Got Repair questions. Let’s ask our panel some of the important ones about our new Samsung Rogue Screen Repair Services.

Q: Does Mission Repair offer Samsung Rogue Screen Repair?
A: As of 5/11/11, yes we have the parts in stock and ready to install.

Q: Does Mission Repair carry the glass and the LCD in stock in case both are broken?
A: Yes. We’ve got both parts in stock to quickly serve our customers.

Q: Does Mission Repair offer a warranty?
A: I’m glad you asked! This is my favorite part. Yes, there is a 1 year manufacturers warranty on all screen repairs. So if there is a faulty part or failed screen within 1 year we will repair it. Additionally, these repairs include our GOT REPAIR program benefits so if you ever crack or physically damage your screen again, we’ll repair it again, forever and as many times as you want, under the Got Repair benefits.

Q: Does Mission Repair work on any other Smartphones?
A: Of course. We are the leader in phone repair including the iPhone, HTC phones, Samsung, Dell, and many more!

Q: Can I call you if I have more questions?
A: Of course. 866-638-8402 and we always answer during normal business hours!

Q: Do you ever stop typing?
A: Nope. My customers demand that I continue typing 😉 It’s my job here at Mission Repair. It might not always be what everyone wants to hear, but it’s certainly a lot of fun and necessary!

Thanks everyone, Ryan