A new deal of the month for July- oh yeah!

Hello friends- I just remembered that it’s July 😉 Wow!

I love July…the 4th is a ton of fun (and it’s on a Friday this year!) the weather means more boating time and even more time outside with the dogs. My husky/German Shepherd mix Shadow doesn’t really like the hot weather all that much but he’ll get into it by dropping 14 pounds of hair on my lap tonight.

If you didn’t receive our newsletter that flew out of here a couple of hours ago then you missed our July “DEAL OF THE MONTH”. What’s new at Mission Repair?

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 12.07.27 PM

How about a special on the tidy little iPad Mini glass repair service. Now at the lowest price to date, no coupon necessary. Want a coupon? Hmm, it never hurts to ask. Give us a call at 866-638-8402 and we’ll see what we can do for you.

I’ll be back soon, take care, Ryan

On a personal note…

Hello everyone.

We are still moving forward with our new expansion here at Mission Repair. We’ve procured another space and I’m actually moving offices tomorrow. My desk arrives in the morning and I can’t wait to see it! I’m just sitting down to read a few emails and catch my breath. It’s becoming increasingly busy around here as the holiday season approaches, it’s like this every year!

On a personal note, I received an email that was a special surprise – the title was “Camper of the Month” and it was from our neighborhood Camp Bow Wow announcing that our dogs, Shadow and Layla, are the campers of the month!

Listen, let me be honest with you…before I got these two dogs, I was not an overwhelming “dog person” whatsoever. In fact, I was typically always against it. We had so many pets growing up that I kind of lost my taste for it. Who has time to take care of an animal?!?

Well, when Dandra and I saw Layla we had to get her. I was then easily convinced that she needed a playmate – and Shadow came into our lives. It’s certain…Shadow is “Daddy’s Boy” and quite frankly a part of the family. The kids love them and the emotional connection between man and beast is undeniable.

So here I am, proud as ever of my two dogs. Like a proud dad of his two kids. It’s a shining moment in their lives – to be the Campers of the month at Camp Bow Wow. So there you have it.

What does this have to do with business at Mission Repair? Not much except that I was in the middle of finalizing a new service (Screen Repair for Google Nexus S7) and I needed a quick break. Watch for this new service to be launched tomorrow!!

Best, Ryan

Another Labor Day weekend in the books!

Good morning everyone, we’ve got our working caps back on and we’re back in the groove here at Mission Repair. We all took a much needed day off yesterday but that always puts us in a bind because we’ve got to speed up production to make up for lost time. Sometimes I wonder if it makes sense to ever actually take a day off!

How was your weekend? I’m going to share a personal tidbit which may or may not interest you. . .but I adopted another dog this weekend. Shadow came home to us on Friday night, so it’s been a pretty fun weekend nevertheless 😉

Shadow is a rescued dog from an abusing family. In fact, the official report is that he was beaten with logging chains for a year until someone finally turned in his previous owner. He was on the docket to be destroyed. . .until a local German Shepherd Rescue team swooped in and brought him in. He’s from Pennsylvania, moved to a foster home for a month, then moved again to our house here in Kansas.

We’re going to fix him up and give him a loving home. This guy is super smart and is a soldier – he’s tough as nails but is a lovable goof ball at the same time. This entire weekend he stayed right next to me and I’ve taught him to “sit”, “stay”, “come”, and to “shake” on demand. Once I get him to repair an iPhone, I’ll know he’s something special.

Actually he is something special and I feel great being able to give him a good home. If you’d like to learn more about the rescue team that saved Shadow or if you’re interested in helping out, check out their website here. Careful, you may come home with a new puppy 😉

OK I’m going to check in with our sales department and I’ll be back soon with more good Mission Repair information!

Take care, Ryan

It was a dog day afternoon!

Hello folks, I got home last night after a tough day of work – to see our puppy Layla just begging for some attention. It was getting dusk, about 8pm I would say, so I decided to take her outside and do a little yard work!

Yeah, “working” in the yard might be a bit of a stretch, I did pick up a shovel and plant 2 bushes, but truth be told I spent my time with Layla and the garden hose. She’s only about 8 months old so playing in the yard is still new and fun! It was hot outside and since we were both a bit warm we starting by trying to figure out what was happening:

Layla, curious about the garden hose!

After she built up some confidence, she really started to understand that this was fun. She wanted to BITE the water:

Don’t worry Layla, it won’t bite back!

Until finally after about an hour of fun in the water, my girl was completely exhausted:

Layla defeated by the water hose, ready for a bath!

It was a really nice afternoon with my puppy. She’s such a good girl (sometimes) and she deserved a nice day out with “dad” (that’s me!). When I got into my office at Mission Repair today and uploaded these pictures, I just had to share. It’s the little things in life that keep me going.

Have a great afternoon, Ryan

Good morning, I have a graduate in the family!

Hi everyone, what a Monday it was here at Mission Repair yesterday. It was not a record breaking day, but it was close. . .losing only to Cyber Monday of this year. It seems that there is a big push to get iPhones and iPods repaired by Christmas!

I’m just releasing a quick picture of my “girl”, Layla, who passed her first puppy obedience class!

Here’s Layla, my German shepherd puppy, looking a little worried after her testing 😉 She needed to loose-leash walk for 50 yards, respond to “come” and “sit”, then walk through a maze of toys and treats without being distracted by them – responding to the “leave it” command. Finally, she needed to sit for 30 seconds without moving. . .and my girl did perfectly!

German Shepherd Dogs are known for their amazing Police skills and intelligence, but were bred for herding and guarding sheep. Our girl is a smart little one, but at this point the only thing that she is herding are my socks from the laundry basket. “LAYLA LEAVE IT!”

So we’re onto the next intermediate class. If you’ve got a new puppy or a dog that you’d like to be better behaved, I highly recommend the classes at PetSmart. They were awesome.

Ok, I’ll be back with more business soon!