The Kindle Fire Is Gaining Momentum!

Hello M:R  Nation –

I recently read an article that talked about web usage per tablet. Something interesting came out of that article. The Kindle Fire is out there in droves! With the iPad maintaining the highest percentage of users at 78.86%, this is actually a decrease for them. 7.14% to be exact.

The Kindle Fire is showing up as a massive 7.51% which is actually a very large number considering the ever so popular Samsung Tablets are only at 4.39%. What has caused this? Some say it has to do with increasing sales of the Kindle Fire, others say that it might just be that a good amount of iPad users are also iPhone 5 users which just happened to soar to a 8.27% usage share. Keep in mind, we are talking millions and millions of units here, so while these %’s seem small, it actually reflects a huge number.

Either way, this has a large impact here at Mission Repair. The more these devices are use, the more support our customers need. We love to be the company offering this support on the very wide range of technology that is out on the market today.  so if you find yourself in need of this kind of support, give us a shout at 866-638-8402 or email at

Cheers, Troy

Deal Of The Week!

Hello Everyone –

Over the weekend I got thinking, “If the iPad is the Mother of all tablets, which tablet would take the Father title”? Seeing that is was Fathers Day weekend, I found this an appropriate question. I did not base this on anything other than our customer demands. Here is how the tablet family would look.

Mom – Apple iPad 2
Dad – Samsung Tab 10.1
Son – Kindle Fire
Dog – Anything Microsoft

Okay, so I might of made up that last part about the dog… In any case, to celebrate Fathers Day (Which should be a week long Holiday if you ask me) we have worked up a Deal Of The Week for the Samsung Tab 10.1. This is the biggest price drop on this product ever! I hope all of you fathers out there had a wonderful weekend.

Best, Ryan

We’ve expanded our Live Chat operations – chat now to talk about that repair!

Hello everyone, it’s been one heck of a week. So much so that I really haven’t had time to blog or to reach out to all of our readers with any new information.

We’ve been neck deep in our service lab. We launched a few new programs and landed a few new dealer accounts that are really starting to take form. Our “face” of the business is really geared toward individual customers but there’s a secret “back side” of our business that deals with large volumes and programs that run within retailers across the Nation. If you’re in the industry and want to discuss volume, dealer, or 3rd Party Depot repair pricing or programs, contact our New Business Development Manager here.

One cool new feature is that we’ve added LIVE CHAT to our sites ( and, and it will be available on our blog page as well shortly (this programming is getting finished up as we speak).

We’ve always had Live Chat on the site, but we’ve taken it a step further. We now have the ability to transfer chats to an individual agent within our business and we’re even exploring a “CALL ME BACK” option that customers can leave a telephone number and expect a representative to call within minutes. It’s just another way to service our customers.

We have ALWAYS gone out of our way to treat our customers right, with the best service and the best results. Are we always perfect? Nope. But when we fall down we always fix our mistakes.

I’ll be announcing a new coupon code later today, have a great Friday!

Best, Ryan

Samsung Galaxy Tab Screen Repair Available!

Good afternoon my people-

For years we’ve been offering 24 hour service for many popular hand-held devices. Today, we announced the Samsung Galaxy Tab Screen repair and have the parts in stock for expedited service and the expertise backed by experience.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is an ultra light weight device that fits in the palm of your hand. Along with the full virtual QWERTY keyboard and SWYPE technology, this device is the optimum size and design for typing on-the-go. Galaxy Tab features the latest Google platform with improved performance and speed, better enterprise capabilities, as well as a faster and more powerful browser.

With all of it’s power and features, it also has a full glass front screen that can break. Mission Repair is here to help you with a fast and inexpensive repair when the need arises.

Additionally, have you heard about our “Got Repair” benefit that is available on many of our services? If you use Mission Repair and ever break or damage the part again, they will repair it again – no other business in the market offers this advantage! Check out our GOT REPAIR site for details!

Hey, speaking of “Got Repair”, we already have hundreds of customers add this peace of mind to their busy electronic lives since we launched it this week. It’s AMAZING!