Why is our Smartphone line of repairs so extensive?

Hello there, we’ve got an interesting graphic that helps explain the numbers behind the Android line:


What does all of this mean? It means that the Android market is here to stay. It’s a real presence. There are times that I see a Samsung Galaxy SIII and think “hmm, that is a nice phone, I love the screen!”. But I am committed to my iPhone without question…for now!

Hey all, the holiday season is upon us, and I can feel the snow coming soon. Take care, and we’ll be back soon!

Best, Ryan

Deal Of The Week!

Hello Everyone –

Over the weekend I got thinking, “If the iPad is the Mother of all tablets, which tablet would take the Father title”? Seeing that is was Fathers Day weekend, I found this an appropriate question. I did not base this on anything other than our customer demands. Here is how the tablet family would look.

Mom – Apple iPad 2
Dad – Samsung Tab 10.1
Son – Kindle Fire
Dog – Anything Microsoft

Okay, so I might of made up that last part about the dog… In any case, to celebrate Fathers Day (Which should be a week long Holiday if you ask me) we have worked up a Deal Of The Week for the Samsung Tab 10.1. This is the biggest price drop on this product ever! I hope all of you fathers out there had a wonderful weekend.

Best, Ryan

Galaxy Tab 10.1 Screen Repairs – we’re back in business!

Hello all, it’s been a long haul, but we’ve done it. We’ve secured a huge deal on Samsung Galaxy Tab Screens for repairs. This is a highly popular repair for us, and until recently we weren’t able to get these screens because of a shortage in the market.

The wait is over.

We have officially re-launched our Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1″ Screen Repairs. This is amazing because there is a very large market for these tablets, but nearly ZERO repair centers in the country. This is where Mission Repair steps in, takes over, and dominates!

Additionally when you use this service you’ll get our amazing GOT REPAIR program benefits included. This means that if you ever break that glass again after we repair it, just give us a call. We will repair it again under our GOT REPAIR benefits and you’ll never pay full price again. Yup, we are here for you just as you’d expect.

Thanks folks, I’m in a typing mood today, you’ll hear from me again soon.

Thanks, Ryan

Samsung Galaxy Tab Screen Repair Sale!

Hello all, yes you read that right! We just lowered our price on the Samsung Galaxy Tab screen repairs (this is full-service I might add) down to our lowest price to date of only $179 installed! Try to find a better price on the internet. I dare ya 😉

So is it a sale? Well not really. Truth be told, we received a nice decrease from our vendor so we’re passing the discount on to you. This means that our customers continually get the benefit of using Mission Repair. . .our volumes dictate lower prices and our customers reap the savings. Amazing huh?

What’s more, if you use this service and ever break, crack or damage your screen again well repair it again under our Got Repair benefit. Forever. As many times as you need. It’s unprecedented and something that we’re happy to do for you. It’s our “Got Repair” program that’s sweeping the repair market off its feet.

OK, Ill be back soon with some more goodies from the tech lab. Have a great Friday!

Best, Ryan