Mission Repair Is In A Solid State Of Mind!

Hello M:R Nation –

Cue the Billy Joel piano solo for this blog post. Mission Repair is in a “Solid State” of mind as of late. We just announced our more  than awesome Fusion Drive upgrade service which utilizes solid state technology. Today, we are announcing a major price drop for all of our solid state drive upgrade services and the addition of a new drive!

Lets start with the price drop! We have lowered our SSD pricing across the board to as much as 50% off! We are offering our SSD in new and more stable sizes as well. Now available in 60GB, 120GB, 240GB and introducing 480GB!

60GB Solid State Drive Upgrade with Data Transfer
60GB Solid State Drive Upgrade with Data Transfer
Price: $129.00

60GB Solid State Drive Upgrade with Data Transfer –
120GB Solid State Drive Upgrade with Data Transfer
120GB Solid State Drive Upgrade with Data Transfer
Price: $179.00

120GB Solid State Drive Upgrade with Data Transfer –
240GB Solid State Drive Upgrade with Data Transfer
240GB Solid State Drive Upgrade with Data Transfer
Price: $229.00

240GB Solid State Drive Upgrade with Data Transfer –
240GB Solid State Drive Upgrade with Data Transfer
480GB Solid State Drive Upgrade with Data Transfer
Price: $479.00

480GB Solid State Drive Upgrade with Data Transfer –

We will remove your very mechanical HDD (install that into an external enclosure if you choose) and install a brand new, stable with no moving parts Solid State Drive! We will also do a complete data transfer for free if possible!

We know the SSD in not new, we have them installed for years now, but the time has come to where they are just more affordable. I have used one in my office computer for over a year now and when I try to use a computer with a regular HDD, I fall asleep because of how slow it is. That is one of the greatest benefits to installing one. SPEED! The other main reason folks upgrade to the SSD is reliability. While everything has a chance to fail, the SSD has a much greater chance of sticking in there for the life of your computer without crashing and erasing all of your data.

These new prices and sizes are available starting today and can be installed in most Macbook,Macbook Pros and PC laptops! If you have any questions on Solid State Drives and the process itself or anything else, call us at 866-638-8402! We are here to help you.

Cheers, Troy


Fusion Drive Upgrades on Mac Laptops? Only at Mission Repair.

Hello everyone, it’s an exciting day here at Mission Repair, and we’re happy to bring you our brand new service for Mac Laptops that are in need of an amazing upgrade!


The process or result of joining two or more thing together to form a single entity.

So what is a Mission Repair Fusion Drive Upgrade?

Our all new Fusion Drive Upgrade is the right way to upgrade your Mac Laptop. Fusion Drive is a breakthrough concept that combines the high storage capacity of a traditional hard drive with the high performance of flash storage. With Fusion Drive in your Mac Laptop, disk-intensive tasks — from booting up to launching apps to importing photos — are faster and more efficient. That’s because frequently used items are kept at the ready on speedy flash storage, while infrequently accessed items go to the hard drive. The file transfers take place in the background, so you won’t even notice. As the system learns how you work, Fusion Drive makes your Mac experience even better.


Q: I like the idea of an SSD in my computer. What model Solid State Drive do you install?

A: We love it too! We only use tried and tested components. In particular, we will install a 120GB Other World Computing Mercury Electra 6G SSD drive into your Fusion Drive Upgrade!

Q: What will happen to my data?

A: The short answer is nothing! The long answer is that we will make a clone of your data as it sits onto a temporary drive. We will then install the SSD drive with a custom drive mounting bracket, remove your optical drive (which you can have us install into an external enclosure if you’d like) and connect it to your existing hard disk drive. Our technicians will work their magic by creating the Fusion Drive and then reinstall your data and software. You’ll get your laptop back working as it did when it arrived. Just a lot faster and both drives work seamlessly together.

Q: What if I want to upgrade my hard drive at the same time?

A: Of course, this may be a perfect time to have your mass storage drive upgraded but it’s not necessary Just choose from the available options when checking out, and we’ll always send your original drive back to you. It’s yours, right?!?

Q:  Will it work in my machine?

A:  There are a few limitations.  Basically, we can upgrade any 13″ MacBook Unibody or 13″, 15″, 17″ MacBook Pro (not with Retina display) that is running OS 10.8 or higher.  We will remove your optical drive to make room for the new solid state drive but if you have any questions, please give us a call at 866-638-8402 before ordering!

So another first from Mission Repair, just as you’d expect. Again, give us a call if you have any questions, but we’re performing upgrades as we speak and customers are in love with their new found performance.

Take care, Ryan