We were given the royal treatment at our local Fox Station today!

Hello again, I just got finished signing the deal with our local Fox Station to sponsor their News App for the iPhone and Android platforms as well as an extensive commercial campaign that’s going to blow your socks off!

Troy and I inside the belly of the beast - Fox!

Of course, we’re going to own the iPhone piece 😉 When you use the Fox news app and ANY TIME you check the weather, you’ll see our Mission Repair banner at the bottom. One click on the banner and you’ll reach our Fox news partnership page that will lead you on a guided tour of the Mission Repair website. Just what you always wanted 😉

Um, yeah I'm not climbing up on this. . .

I walked outside and stared up at the 1,300 ft. antenna they maintain. I remember flying around this during my pilot training!

Additionally we’ll be advertising on the local news starting Monday and during TMZ in the evenings. We’ll be running our “racy” ad during the TMZ time slots, it’s going to be kind of fun!

In a month: Dallas, Denver, Cleveland and several other locations will begin seeing our commercials on a daily basis too. It’s exciting and I’m feeling proud of Mission Repair. She’s making a great statement!

Take care, Ryan