Take A Break, Have Some Fun And Let The Creative Juices Flow!

Hello M:R Nation –

You are reading a post that has very little to do with cracked iPhone screens, smashed iPad glass, damaged smartphones or anything broken for that matter. No, this is a simple post to tell you that sometimes, you just need to have a little fun.

Running and working in a small business can be the most stressful part of ones life. Small businesses usually don’t have teams of people to accomplish a task. For the most part there is one or two (which is a stretch) to get that important task at hand completed. So that makes having a little fun all that much more important!

Take our Graphics Designer/Web Master/ Social Media Marketer/Do Everything else we need, Melanie for example. The tasks we put her through on a daily basis would make any grown man cry. Do this, do that, change this color, move this text, create this graphic, write code for this… you get the point. She handles this all very well, but I couldn’t help myself on Friday giving her a little break.  So before we attended a meeting that we had on the schedule, I challenged her to a swift game of checkers!

photo 1

Choosing her next move carefully!

She learned very quickly that the first few moves of a checkers game usually dictates the outcome. It was fun watching her struggle on what move was the right move to make and just forget about work for 10 minutes. Little did she know, is that I am a checkers champion and she had no chance.

To sum it up… take some time off, even if its during the work day and have some fun. I guarantee you an increase in productivity!

Cheers, Troy