Help Us Reach 16,000 Facebook Likes!

facebook_4At Mission:Repair we put in a lot of effort to communicate with our customer, whether it be on Twitter, through this blog, our E-Newsletter, etc. One of the most popular ways is through our Facebook Page. Over the past couple years our followers have been climbing and we are excited that we are CLOSE to reaching 16,000 likes! If you haven’t already ‘liked’ our page – click here to do so. We often post about specials, coupons, Deal of the Month services and other fun happenings at Mission:Repair.

In addition to social media and this blog, we send out an E-Newsletter weekly with great deals and if you’re not already signed up, you should do so here. Newsletter readers receive great deals and specials as well. In case you miss our promotions on Facebook – our newsletter is delivered directly to your email.

The next time you log onto Facebook be sure to like our page and suggest it to your friends so they can take advantage of our great services at Mission:Repair.

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We Love “Likes”!

Hello M:R Nation –

It’s no secret that Mission Repair is a huge fan of Facebook likes. We cherish each one that we receive and hope to fill up your news feeds with awesome tips and and great savings!

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 3.10.31 PM

Come on 10K!

We are very close to a monumental achievement (by our standards). We are 741 likes away from reaching pure awesomeness! We think we are pretty cool as is, but this will just bring us up to the next level :-)! So please, call your kids, call your wife and call your husband, cause we are trying to reach 10,000 likes up in here!

I think we will reach it this week with just a little help from our blog readers! So please, click this link: FACEBOOK and help us reach this achievement!

Cheers, Troy


Hello M:R Nation –

Our first Facebook Giveaway went off without a hitch. We would like to thank everyone that entered and let you know that a new giveaway is coming very soon! In the mean time, enjoy our awesome blog posts and Facebook feed :-)…

Pretty in purple!

Pretty in purple!

Screen Shot 2013-10-07 at 8.47.03 AM

Our winner is Grace L. and we have have sent her a brand spanking new 16GB iPod Nano in the color of her choice, which she has received today!

I understand that entering a giveaway can be scary. You never know if the information you are giving out is secure and what kind of emails will be hitting your in box after you press the “enter” button. Worse yet, you never win. But this was a REAL, pure, unadulterated giveaway for our customers and Facebook fans and we really enjoyed it! So congratulations Grace and look out people, the next giveaway is right around the corner!

Cheers, Troy

Do you have a Facebook page? You’d better in this day and age!

Hi there again folks, I just talked to some friends that asked “do you have a Facebook page for Mission Repair?” Let me help if there are any “would be” fans out there that need to know!

Click this picture to log in and become a fan!

Screen shot 2013-09-17 at 10.47.44 AM

Well, yes we do and we currently are nearing 7,000 fans and growing every day. Our page is being run and kept current by one of the best in the business, Melanie, that works across the room from me. We are always looking for new content, offers and specials to post to our Mission Repair Facebook page and of course we are looking for new people to like us on Facebook too. In fact, Melanie is giving our Facebook Store a new look that should be uploaded soon…

So the answer is yes, of course. We are prominent on Facebook and we wish you’d check us out there too because there are often special, coupons and great deals that can only be had by our Facebook friends so it’s worth the “like”.

Take care, Ryan

iPod Nano Giveaway…Time Is Running Out!

Hello M:R Nation –

A quick post here to remind everyone that the iPod Nano Giveaway comes to a close this month and the winner can be one of you! We will be drawing a name 18 days from now for a 16GB iPod Nano! Make sure you sign up on our Facebook fan page and follow the directions so you can have every chance of winning this thing!Here is a link to get you there quickly get there and get entered: Mission Repair Facebook Giveaway!  Call your kids, call your wife, call your husband, cause we are giving away an iPod Nano up in here!

Cheers, Troy