Pass me the bottle.

Hello there and good morning!

Don’t let my title make you think that I’ve gone to drinking my life away. I’m talking about a baby bottle!

I told myself, “Ryan, don’t post any pictures of your new grandson. No one wants to see your baby. Post something about iPods or MacBooks.”

Well, I’ve cracked and I’m going to put up just one pic because my son Casey just had his first baby, Elias, just a few days before Christmas so we now have 3 generations of Arters on the books in one pic!


He was born a week ago, and the pic above was just a few hours after he arrived. Yes, I’m a proud grandfather and very happy with the outcome. Amber (mom) is doing great and I am very impressed with how they have handled their first week as new parents. I couldn’t ask for more.

So there it is. I did it. A personal post that I hope will remain here on the Mission Repair Blog forever so we can show baby “E” how we were bragging on him from the beginning.

Have a great day…Ryan