Motorola Droid X Repair = Success!

Well, just when I thought I was done posting new services today my guys received another batch of repairs in from the line and we are proud to announce the release of our newest repair for the Motorola Droid X. We received a unit with a cracked screen:

And after it ran through our repair center, it came back looking and working like new:

The Motorola Droid X runs the Android software and sports a 8 MP camera. The cool feature about this phone is it’s 4.3 inch hi-res screen and HD camcorder. It’s a hi-tech device!

Now you know, when you break that Droid X, you have Mission Repair in your back pocket as the Nation’s Leading Cell Phone repair center. Save some bucks by using us.

OK, I think for real this time, I’m done for the day. Talk to you tomorrow!

Best, Ryan