Retail Me Not?

Hello M:R Nation –

So I have been doing a little Christmas shopping over the internet this year and I gotta tell ya, its pretty relaxing. I don’t think I will have to set foot in a Toy’s R Us or a Mall this year! Can you imagine that? No more horrible retail experiences, no more crowds, and with the coupons you can use online NO MORE FULL PRICE!

So during my online shopping escapades, I naturally went to to find the best deals and coupons for my purchases. I would say I really stuck it to the online retailers with what I found. I received some very great coupons and overall, saved about $150.00.

This got me thinking…what kind of coupons do we at have on this thrifty little coupon site? We have a few of our standard 10% off discount codes and some of our past specials that we have ran, but nothing too substantial. I would like to try and change that…

I am going to make a new coupon code named retailmenot and it will be for a undisclosed amount. You will have to actually check out to see the coupon amount. Trust me, it will be worth your while. If this code makes it onto within a week, I will keep the coupon active FOREVER! So get to saving on that broken iPad, iPhone, Laptop or Android device today!

Cheers, Troy

Friday! The Best Day Of The Week!

Hello M:R Nation –

In the words of the great B Rich, “It’s Friday, the best day of the week”! We love Friday at Mission:Repair and today is no different. Starting at noon:3o, we are having our annual chili cook-off!  This year we have 4 entries and a neighboring business coming over to judge. We will have full coverage and announce the winners of the cook-off on Monday!

Weekend Coupon Time!

Though your opinion may differ, the best part about Friday is that tomorrow is Saturday and with Saturday, comes the WEEKEND COUPON! Thats right, I am dragging out the big guns this weekend! So starting today, you can receive 15% off your entire order by using: weekend15 at check out! I’d take advantage of this as soon as you can, as this code will be void at midnight on 10/21/12.

Enjoy your weekend!

Cheers, Troy