So it’s graduation time, and time for a Mission Repair COUPON!!

Hello everyone and good afternoon!

We are at it again. . .and I’ve got graduation on the mind! My daughter Tayler is graduationg from High School this year. WOW. What can I say other than I am in complete and total shock about how my time with her has flown by! It seems just like yesterday I was a young guy living in Hawaii (that’s a whole story altogether) and I had my first child at the Maui Medical Center in Wailuku. I remember that I went to McDonalds for lunch (#3 meal with a coke), the nurses name (Becky), and even the first words that came out of the doctors mouth after she was born: “Wow, she has red hair!”.

Talking about all of this is making me a little teary eyed because this weekend I’ll be watching her walk down the aisle and receiving her diploma from High School. She’s also done something that I could never do, and that she is receiving honors with a 4.0 grade point average all the way through. I’m super impressed!

Well, I’m in for a few more tears of joy. . .as I would expect. This just leaves my son, Casey who is going to be a sophomore next year – so as a parent I’m feeling pretty accomplished!

To celebrate all of those grads out there – the class of 2012 – I’m issuing a coupon for anyone to use. It will give you 12% off your entire order, all you need to do is enter the coupon code “GRADS” when checking out online! This coupon is good all the way through 5/25/12 but don’t delay. Think about it, does your grad need an iPhone repair? How about a new iPod battery? Are they using a cracked macbook? Get it fixed as a gift!

Have a great day, Ryan

P.S. Congratulations to all of the “graduating” parents this year. I’ll be thinking about you on Saturday night!