Have you ever seen a dog smile?

Good afternoon friends,

So there I was, hanging out in my basement just after taking my dogs for a walk. Our male Shadow decided to flop down on the floor and rest. He’s just like me 😉

Layla on the other hand was needing a little more attention, so she sat right in front of me – “smiling”. I imagine it was her way of saying “dad, thanks for being there for me”. Both of our dogs were rescued from abusive owners and both have had rough beginnings. There are times that they both show their past a little bit, but for the most part it appears that we’ve been able to snap these two out of their depression by giving them a loving home. Heck, they are basically children to us and they irreplaceable.


This brings me to the fact that Father’s Day is just around the corner. To the “human” Arter kids: I’m expecting a big breakfast in bed and a BBQ dinner Sunday. Just a “heads up!” so you don’t miss this opportunity to take care of me this weekend!

We here at Mission Repair will be taking care of the fathers of the world as well with some fantastic specials that only happen once a year. Happy upcoming Father’s Day to ALL fathers – whether it be of children or canines – and we’ll help you celebrate right here at Mission Repair.

Stay tuned, and if you’re like me you might need to preemptively “warn” your kids like I did…it gives them a fighting chance to do the right thing!

Have a great week, Ryan

One *MILLION* is such a lonely number…

No, this is not the newest release from Roxette and not a follow up to their hit song “One is such a lonely number”…kudos to you if you know what year that song was released though. I was a junior in High School 😉

Actually the number ONE MILLION is becoming part of a HUGE Mission Repair Celebration that’s soon to come. When we reach ONE MILLION unique Blog Readers (just like you); we are all going to party. As of today:

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 3.28.02 PM

I will begin preparations now for the biggest discounts that you’ve ever seen, and we will have lots of fun at each of our locations on this momentus day. I have so many stats, so much data, and have had so much fun being a professional blogger that it’s really exciting to know that soon my blog will reach the 1 Million mark and I’m just going to share my excitement and thanks to everyone.

I’ve been asked many times “do you ever get writers block?” Heck yeah I do. Also, “how did you start your blog?”

That second question is simple. Create a blog on a free blog site, name it, and start typing. In fact, I follow several blogs including past Mission Repair customers, vendors, and others that I just admire. If you’ve got a blog that you author or if I can help you get started on your own blog, let me know and I’ll be happy to be a part of your blog circle. Just reply to post in the comments section and I’m there!

So the big day is coming…the “Mission Repair Million Celebration”…we get about 10,000 new readers each month, so at this pace sometime in October we should be there – whether that ends up being true or not, I’m not going to worry about it. It will happen when it happens, but rest assured that I’ll be right here to share in the big day.

Thanks for reading, Ryan

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Good morning friends- so I’m here at the Lakewood Mission Repair location preparing for the big Ribbon Cutting this afternoon and I got this pic emailed over to me from our Olathe office:


It made me laugh. It’s ok to laugh. From left to right, that’s Tayler, Sydney and Wade all ready to make leprechaun magic happen today. Yes, I’m wearing green today as well, but here at Mission Repair we’ve somewhat adopted St. Patrick’s Day as our favorite day. It’s the green that matches our company colors…and since it’s a “fun” holiday, it fits our theme.

It’s why we are having our Ribbon Cutting here in Lakewood, Colorado today. This was intentional, and I’ll be sure to post some pics for you to get a good chuckle at later of myself and my crew here. Yes, we’ll all be wearing some sort of green in our ensembles; but I won’t be wearing a bow tie. That’s all for Wade.

Have a great day, Ryan

Happy January!

Hello my friends, welcome to 2015. It’s January 5, 2015. 15/15 for those “number people” out there!

This weekend at the Arter house was full of packing and cleaning up after the holiday season. As we looked around, there are about 20 gifts still in the dining room waiting to be delivered. A couple of friends simply forgot to take the items that we gave them a week ago; but we’ve also had 2 family gatherings cancelled due to weather, the flu and other issues that just didn’t make them happen. That means that we are all cleaned up and ready for 2015, but still have a few holiday dinners to attend to. It’s part of the season I guess!

There’s a small issue however; I’m booked for the next 5 (FIVE!) weekends so it appears that I’m going to have to miss out on all of the fun!

Happy New Year 2015

I’m torn during this time each year. From a business perspective, I’m happy that the holiday season is over. We are back to normal work weeks, a lot of vacations are completed, and the “holiday pay” on all of my employees paychecks is almost complete. That’s a great thing!

The selfish part of me wants to go back to short weeks, long “couch” time watching football and television that I haven’t had a chance to watch and simple relaxation time that I don’t normally get.

Additionally we’ve decided to get back into an exercise schedule that works for all of us a family. In fact, we went to the gym yesterday, and we have a Cross-Fit training session tomorrow night at 7:30pm. After picking up some weights last night, I realize how out of shape I am…and of course as many of us committed on New Years Eve, I have a fitness goal this year as well. It’s to net lose 15 lbs, and to bench press 325 lbs. A hefty goal for a man that’s about to have another “40 something” birthday party next week!! I’m all in.

So if you’ve got a lofty resolution for yourself, don’t worry about it…stick with it. I’ll be happy to post my results when I achieve them. Hopefully before boat season!!

Well until then, Happy New Year and I’ll be in touch – I’m leaving for Colorado in a couple of days to begin the move-in process at our newest location in Lakewood, stay tuned for the official Grand Opening coming soon!

Take care, Ryan

Yes, we have more than one location.

Hello friends and customers-

I was just visiting our Mission, Kansas store this morning and got into a conversation with a couple of our customers as they walked into Mission Repair Express…I was standing outside with Lennie, Albert, Wade and TJ discussing new potential signage on the front of the store.

mission repair locations

I asked a gentleman, “Did you know that we had more than one location?” I asked the next guy…and a third customer that ended up being extremely helpful and insightful on the storefront in general. However none of them knew that there are multiple Mission Repair locations with more on the way.

How is this possible? I did a little research and found that it might be a bit confusing when searching for us on the web to see more than our Corporate Headquarters location. We do have a “locations” link at the top of our website, but it’s clear to me that there’s some confusion with this topic.

You can visit any of our locations with no appointment necessary. They all carry the same business hours: M-F 8am to 7pm, Weekends are 10am to 5pm.

Stay tuned: We are opening a new location in the Denver, Colorado area in late 2014 and currently training for that location now! Yay, this is getting fun!

Take care, Ryan