Is it baseball season already?

Hello there!

I’ve been out of the office for a few days on some personal R&R, and am just now getting back into the swing of these here at my home office.  Yes, I’ll get a chance to sneak in and get some repairs done this evening (yes, even the boss still does a few repairs from time to time) but for now I’m going to get some much needed writing done because so many of you have been asking!

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 2.49.02 PM.png

Firstly, how did you enjoy the Super Bowl?  I’m sure that most Bronco fans thought it was spectacular; but I’ve heard from many “non-Bronco” fans that the Super Bowl was “terrible” or “Our team would have won if they were in it” or “Peyton Manning didn’t do anything”.

Well, the fact of the matter is that Denver stepped up as a team and did what they intended to do:  Win on Sunday.  So those that didn’t enjoy the game can just start to look forward to baseball season, right?

If you live in Kansas City and if you like baseball, then you must be gearing up for the 2016 season.  Coming off of the World Series makes things seem bit brighter for them this year.  The defending champs are ready to go (so I hear).

Well, even though the groundhog predicted an early Spring, if you step outside today here in my home town of Spring Hill, Kansas it’s only in the high-twenties Fahrenheit…it’s not time to grab your baseball glove and hit the practice fields yet.  We have a few months to go.

So what should we do this Sunday?  There’s no football on, so it looks like I’ll be caching up on some TV.  What a life.

I’ll be back soon with some Mission Repair info…Ryan

Mission Repair Express – Denver – Opening up soon!

Hello everyone,

I’ve been talking about a new repair center location in Denver, Colorado (specifically: Lakewood, Colorado) and we’re excited for this location to open!

In fact, I’ll be heading to Lakewood in a week and a half on Saturday 1/10/15. We’re going to be adding the signage and starting the move-in process. We’ve got the site staffed and it’s now just up to me to get some of the details arranged and organized. The internet service installed, the fixtures, the computers and alarm system are all going in shortly.

The Denver Bronco Monument in the Centennial State.

The Denver Bronco Monument in the Centennial State.

I’ve been through this process before, and truth be told, it’s an exciting time. I feel very confident about this location and once I get some of the signage up, I’ll post a few pictures. In fact, we received our very first Mission Repair Express “Lakewood” order already! Our customer is waiting for the location to open so he can deliver his MacBook for repair. Now that’s dedication! We have over 10,000 customers that have used us in the past from Colorado, and those customers are thrilled to have us move into the state. I love visiting…so it looks like I’ll be visiting often.

It’s all the more reason that we’re going to need to get this location up and running as fast as possible. I feel that a few more weeks and we’ll be ready to go. Where will be be opening next? Check my next blog to find out!

Thanks everyone, I’ll be out of the office for a few days after the holiday; but not sitting at home on a “staycation”…I’ll be working in Colorado and I’ll be in touch!

Thanks for reading, check out my next blog that’s coming this afternoon.

Best, Ryan

NFL Fans – it’s getting to the “good” time of the year!

Hello friends,

If you’re not an NFL fan, that’s OK. There are times myself that I think that I might give up on the sport as well. In fact, I’ve NOT played fantasy football for the last couple of years and I must admit that I enjoy my Sundays more now! I think there was just not enough enjoyment for me, even when I played in several leagues each year. I suppose that I’d never make a good NFL General Manager or Head Coach. I’m OK with this.


However there were some excellent games yesterday and it’s undeniable to me that football reminds me of this time of year, the feeling of the seasons changing in Kansas and the excitement of watching my team do well. Or poorly. I’ll take it any way I can!

I hope your team is doing well this year; it’s getting to crunch time and the playoff picture is starting to form. I like watching the teams that are “in the hunt” because they have so much to gain right now. It just gets my blood pumping.

Yes, there’s some Monday Night Football on tonight…and I’ve got plans to sit and relax and get one more game of pigskin in. It should be a decent game. Saints and Bears. Neither of these guys are “my team”, but I’ll still be watching. What are you doing tonight?

I’ll be back, happy Monday!


Record breaking Saturday…

Hello friends- I wouldn’t have thought it would happen last Saturday- but it did.

We had a line of 25 customers in our lobby- which is a record for us- dropping off repairs and waiting for their iPhones to have cracked screens fixed, presumably before the holiday hit them.

Truthfully, I’d say that our lobby would comfortably fit 6 people at a time, and 10 to be pretty tight. My staff somehow got 25 people in a line that snaked all the way into the tech lab and kept order out of chaos.


With supreme efficiency, they managed all of those customers, got them in place, devices checked in, and our weekend technicians as busy as they have ever been. The phones on the other hand – were, well – out of hand. There were phone calls stacked in the queue so if you were one of customers that had to wait a bit please accept our apologies. We were working as fast as we could and it was just one of those days. We promise to make it up to you!

I do know that one of the reasons it was so packed was because customers were having iPods repaired for loved ones as Christmas presents. How cool is that? We’ve been doing this year after year but it’s becoming more relevant in last year or two. It’s a great way to say “I love you” AND not spend full price to buy a new device…

So remember our holiday hours this year…we are closing early tonight at 4:30 so our employees can get to the second Christmas party that we’re having in Kansas City. And we are closed tomorrow and Wednesday. It’s going to be a fun night! Last week I promised I’d post some pics of the Christmas parties – the comedy will be posted soon!

Happy Holidays, Ryan