Hello again today folks, I’ve been on a good blog roll this happy Wednesday. I thought I was done.

Nope, I have an interesting story for ya. I took my son Casey to the dentist today and in the middle of our visit, the doctor came in and calmly said “we need to leave the building, it’s on fire”.

Not quite a “backdraft”. It kinda smelled like we were out camping.

Our assistant Andrew, helped us out of the office and we all walked outside together. Immediately I noticed the smell of smoke in the hallway and most certainly once we got outside it was obvious.

Apparently someone was smoking and had inadvertently threw a cigarette butt against the building so the mulch and foundation were on fire! The trucks arrived immediately and with little damage had the fire out. Nevertheless the adrenaline was pumping.

So we finished our consultation with Andrew in the parking lot, got a good bill of health, and were released. The only problem was the the fire truck kept us blocked in our parking spot for some time. I spent a nice hour and a half with my son behind the office building until we were able to sneak out of there!

It was an interesting afternoon, indeed. The best part is that my dentist waived our consultation today. Awesome!

Take care, Ryan