Drone Delivery? Now Thats A Service Innovation!

Hello M:R Nation –

Did anyone see the “60 Minutes” special with the CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos? Aside from how incredible their operations are, something else caught mine and the worlds attention.

Fully autonomous drones that will at some point in the future, deliver your Amazon orders! Will there be a premium for this service? Maybe, but isn’t it worth it? Of course, this concept is still in need of research and FAA approvals, but as you heard the man himself say, “It will work, and it will happen”.


Now that is cool!

Innovation in the service industry doesn’t come around too often. Yes, you see new services all all the time, but it is usually based on a new need or stemming from a new product. Rarely do you see a service innovation so great that it has game changing potential like the Amazon Drones.

Mission Repair is a service industry. We offer a service that is greatly needed across the United States. Everyone once in awhile, we are lucky enough to come up with a great service idea that is a potential game changer. A couple years ago, we did just that with our “Got Repair” benefit!  Over the last 2 years we have been able to save THOUSANDS of customers from having to pay full price on their already repaired iPhones, iPads, Apple Laptops, Chromebooks and other devices!

So what is Got Repair? Let me explain:


  • Think of it as ”The Real Lifetime Warranty”.  Check the competition.  When they offer lifetime warranties, this doesn’t include breakage again on the part you had repaired.  What good is a lifetime warranty on a piece of glass that only fails when it breaks?  Our “Got Repair” program covers re-repairing damaged glass and screens.
  • Think of it as a “Thank You” for coming back to Mission Repair.  If you have your device repaired with us, you already know that it can be broken.  And if you should somehow accidentally or intentionally damage it again, we want you to come back to Mission Repair.  We would make more money by charging you full price but you may decide not to repair your device more than once.  Our “Got Repair” program benefits encourage repeat business with a special thank you to every Mission Repair customer.
  • Think of it as the “New Standard” in which services should be performed. Mission Repair pioneers many programs and we set the standard for the market.
  • Think of it as the opposite of “Insurance”.  Insurance is just that.  You buy insurance “in case” something happens to your unit.  If nothing happens, you still pay.  Additionally, most insurance plans require a deductible and stringent rules to filing a claim.  Our “Got Repair” benefits cost you nothing up front.  Rather, we charge a small service fee for any repeat repair.  You can have the unit re-repaired once or 1000 times, this service fee will remain the same.

You can think of it as many things, but when you boil it down, its simply in place so you NEVER have to pay full price again for the same repair on that SmartphoneTablet, or Laptop again! There is no catch. You automatically qualify for this warranty by using Mission:Repair the first time around and if you decide that you don’t want to pay the lower service fee, we will gladly let you pay full price again :-) Of course I’m joking.

If you have a company or have used a service that you are thoroughly in love with, I would love to hear about them! Email me at Troy@missionrepair.com and lets start up a conversation about innovation in the service industry!

Cheers, Troy