“Nokia Lumia 920” Coming To A Theater Near You?

Hello M:R Nation –

The Nokia Lumia 920 is an great phone. There is no debating this. The overall design is amazing and the screen is a masterpiece. The screen has a higher resolution than the iPhone retina display at 332 PPI and some are even touting it the “Most advanced smartphone ever”.

Now, I am not sure about this, but what I do know is it has an amazing video capability. Check out the music video shot solely on the Nokia Lumia 920. The creator of the video claims that the Nokia Lumia 920 produces a quality that is on par with the Canon 5D.

Now that is an amazing technology feat. Manufactures and consumers are clearly moving to an all-in-one model with their smartphones. We want our phone, internet, camera, remote control and refrigerator combined. Not only do we want them all-in-one, we went them to be top notch as well! Sure, there have been camera phones for years now, but not up to the standards of our point and shoots.

Now that we have surpassed the point and shoot standard on most phones that are released today, is Nokia going after a more professional grade product? Will we see Quentin Tarantino shoot a blockbuster on a smartphone? Perhaps… but that’s for another post a few years down the road.

We at Mission Repair feel particularly close the Nokia Lumia 920. You could say we know it In-&-Out and front to back ever since we started offering the  Nokia Lumia 920 Front Glass & LCD Screen Repair service. There is something to be said about feeling your way around the inside of a smartphone. If a company takes the time to design the inside as well as they have the outside, you know that company is serious about their product. Nokia has shown they are serious about the Nokia Lumia 920.

Cheers, Troy

Nokia Lumia 920 Front Glass & LCD Screen Repair = Success!

Hello M:R Nation

Sadly, I was not voted Time’s “Person Of The Year” again this year. It was a tight race between Barack Obama, Tim Cook and myself and it looks like the POTUS took the cake this time around. I can’t say that I am not a little disappointed, but hey, I guess the most powerful man in the world has a little more pull than I do. Thankfully, I walked in this morning to something great to pull me through this heartbreaker of a loss.



Not Broken

Not Broken

Now, this is the Nokia Lumia 920. We recently announced the new repair service on this beauty and it has been a very welcomed service to say the least. Above is just one of the many Nokia Lumia 920 smartphones that we have serviced and what it looks like cracked. This is a rather heave phone and it is very substantial in the hand. If it slips out of your hand, it will most likely fall face forward and crack like the example above.

As you can imagine, the best way to avoid this nightmare is to just not drop it, but that is much easier said than done. I, myself am no exception to the rule. I have cracked many of my devices and with my career you would think this is something I’d be immune to. This is not the case at all.

You can start your order for the Nokia Lumia 920 Front Glass & LCD Screen Repair today by visiting http://www.Missionrepair.com or giving us a ring at 866-638-8402. We will get you fixed up and maybe we can be your Persons Of The Year 🙂

Cheers, Troy

New Service: Nokia Lumia 920 Front Glass Screen Repair!

Happy 12-12-12 M:R Nation –

If you don’t know the date, watch the news or read my blog, then you might not know what my above numeral spout is about :-). In any case, we have a great new service to discuss today. Say hello to the Nokia Lumia 920! This is the successor of the wonderful Nokia Lumia 900  and we think this is going to be a great phone to offer service and support for.

nokia920-1346855563As you can see in the above picture, the Nokia 920 comes in multiple colors and is just plain beautiful. When completing this repair, we will actually be replacing the glass and LCD all at once, so if you find yourself needing one, the other or both, this is the service for you! We will be offering this service starting at this very second and you can click the following link to get your order started today! Nokia Lumia 920 Front Glass & LCD Screen Repair

Cheers, Troy