iPod Touch Screen Repairs Still In Huge Demand!

Hello M:R Nation –

During our morning meeting, Ryan and myself got to talking about the different generations of the iPod Touch and how timeless they all have all really been. When it comes to the repairs we offer, it is eye opening when you look at the numbers and see the amount of older generations still being repaired.

We know the main reason to repair and not replace is a monetary reason, but the other reasons people repair instead of replace is pretty logical. Here are some of the most common answers we receive when we ask the question “Why repair, instead of replace?” I am using these answers as a poll as well. Tell me what your reason to repair your iPod Touch instead of replacing!

Whether you are looking for a simple headphone jack replacement in your 1st Generation iPod Touch or a screen replacement in your 4th Generation iPod Touch we have you covered all the way. For those of you thinking of replacing your iPod Touch instead of repairing, please give us a call first. Lets us talk you you into saving a boat load of cash 🙂

Cheers, Troy


New Lower Price on iPod Touch 4 Screen Repairs!

Hello all, it’s a breakthrough- we’ve gone ahead and permanently lowered our price on the iPod Touch 4 Glass Repair. It’s now the lowest price to date, and there’s no coupon code necessary to get this amazing deal. What is the deal you ask? Let’s walk down some bullet points, my favorite!

  • 24 hour service. You can even have it repaired while you wait if you stop by our Olathe location!
  • Brand new parts!
  • Expert technicians.
  • Free diagnosis.
  • 1 year warranty against manufacturer defects.
  • Lifetime “Got Repair” benefits – just call us if you ever crack it again!
  • If you’re not local to us, the best shipping prices in the industry.
  • And you get to become part of the Mission Repair family where we offer sweet deals to our fans and loyal customers.
  • Have a great day, check out our website for more information!

    Take care, Ryan