Cracked screens on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus?

Hello friends-

It’s just happening every day now and it’s doesn’t seem to be letting up;

We are repairing a ton of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus screens and my technicians really know the in’s and out’s of the iPhone 6 models like they were born with the gift.


Here’s a shot of one each removed, cracked screens…on the left is the mighty iPhone 6 Plus, and on the right is the iPhone 6. Both of which are totally smashed and useless to the customer. Once replaced, the customer is sent on their way and then we recycle the screens properly.

Just take a look at these parts though – some customers state that they are actually getting glass in their face and hands – we’ve had this complaint for many years on these types of phones, but the 6’s seems to be shattering even worse than the predecessors. The LCD is SO THIN and installation of the screen by untrained technicians is just not advisable. There’s glass everywhere.

Remember Mission Repair if you need an iPhone 6 repair; we’ll be here for ya. And we’ll bring the band aids.

Take care, Ryan

Save 15% off your next repair order now! Coupon code inside.

Hello everyone,

We have such huge success with our coupon codes; it’s time to run another special. We are giving 15% off your next iPhone, iPad or MacBook repair. You can place your order online or stop by any one of our locations to use it. There’s only one way to get your coupon code however:

Call Mission Repair at 1-866-638-8402.


When the automated attendant comes up, press “0”. When a live agent answers the call, (we always answer during normal business hours) ask for the “Summer Coupon Code”. This coupon is good now through Saturday 9/27/14. You can call anytime before it expires to obtain it.

Since this is our last official day of summer, I thought that it would be a good use of the good “summer” feeling. Once you ask for that coupon, the customer service representative will give it to you so you can input your order online and save 15%, or the service rep can take your order over the phone and apply that discount for you! Valid on new orders only.

Have fun! Get out and get some sun today!

Take care, Ryan

World’s first cracked iPhone 6 – 10:19 am CST.

Hello friends,

I was just a matter of time…and with this newest release of the iPhone only took a couple of hours. It’s unfortunate for the customer without a doubt.

We got a call at 10:19 am this morning from a gentleman that waited all night to receive his iPhone 6. It’s a birthday present for his son. He showed it to his wife when he got into the parking lot and somehow – some way – the phone was dropped and the screen shattered in front of them.

Then they called us. Just breathe, there’s no reason to panic.


We are preparing for our iPhone 6 repair launch, but our supply of parts are not quite here yet. It’s Ok, if you happen to be one of the unlucky few that cracks a new iPhone today – give us a call at 866-638-8402 and we’ll make sure you get the best possible price on a repair shortly. The waiting list has started, and we will have you fixed up the first of next week.

Take care, Ryan