June is right around the corner, and the Mission Repair Newsletter is too!

Good morning!

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Very soon, the June Edition will release and I wanted to remind those of you that haven’t already done so…sign up now. This month’s edition is full of great services and deals that will help you save money if you’re in need of an electronic repair of any kind. Well, “any kind” may be taking it a stretch too far; let’s stick to devices like iPads, iPods, Mac Laptops and Smartphones.

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Weekend Coupon:15% Off!

It looks like we meet again M:R Nation –

This weekend is the last weekend before the start of College Football! I have agreed with my wife that it would be a good weekend to get away and have family time before I am glued to the TV or in Lincoln, Nebraska every Saturday for the next 4 months or so. So I will unfortunately be out of the office all weekend but I can still check my email! Why is the ability for me to check my email important you ask? Because you will have to email me to receive your coupon!

To receive your 15% coupon code, email me at Troy@missionrepair.com and put “m:r nation” in the subject line. In return, I will reply with this weekends awesome code. Don’t miss out on this!

Cheers, Troy

(Photo Credit: www.couponaudit.com)

June Special

Hello all, summer is here and we’re looking forward to a fantastic June at Mission Repair. We’ve run a press release that hits the air today, and we’re very excited to get our name out in the iPod and Blackberry repair world. If you’re a blog reader (that’s why you’re here!) help us spread the word with our June special.

We’re offering 5% off of any repair or service that we offer when you checkout online using coupon code “BLOGGY”. Yup, just add a service to your cart, enter the coupon code and watch 5% off of your entire order melt away.

We’re looking for referrals. Check out our Affiliate program and you could easily be on your way to earning some cold hard cash! Click here for more details. OK, that’s it for Monday morning, I’m going to go get another cup of coffee and get to work!