The Calm Before the Storm

Prepare your tech gadgets and plan ahead. Storm season is rolling in.


Spring brings storm season to the Midwest home of Mission Repair. Just yesterday afternoon we saw a wild storm blow over our store in Lenexa. When it comes to weather in the Midwest, expect the unexpected! A hot and sunny day can quickly transform into a stormy mess.

You don’t want to be caught unprepared when it comes to your trusty electronic devices. Communication is crucial when Mother Nature strikes. Devices like cell phones, tablets and computers can make all of the difference in keeping you safe during severe weather. We have put together a quick list of tips to get your gadgets ready while you ride the storm out:

  • Choose 2-3 weather, news, or safety-related apps to alert you of special warnings and updates. Many local news stations offer apps to live-stream weather reports.
  • Charge your device batteries well in advance, in the event that you lose power.
  • Forget candles. Utilize the free flashlight app on your phone or tablet if you are in a bind.  Get comfortable with turning it on quickly; many devices offer audio commands like “Hey Siri, Turn on my flashlight”
  • Program an emergency list of contacts into your phone for easy access. Include family, friends, coworkers, police & fire agencies, power and insurance companies.
  • The insurance industry pays out hundreds of thousands of dollars in claims for losses due to lightning each year. The best approach is to unplug your devices before the storm arrives.  However, surge protectors can offer some reassurance and protection for around $30-$100.

Caught in the rain and now you have water damage? Power surge from lightning left you with a device that won’t turn on? Startled by a loud boom of thunder and dropped your device, cracking the screen? Accidents happen and Mission Repairs!  Stop by your local Mission Repair walk-in location for a quick and cost-effective solution.

Happy SAVE Patrick’s Day! (Coupon Code Inside)


It’s that time of year again – where we turn Saint Patrick’s Day into SAVE Patrick’s Day! Our Lakewood, CO location’s Grand Opening is on Saint Patrick’s Day where we will be celebrating with refreshments, cake, food, and repair specials. We are so excited to celebrate this NEW location, we are passing along the savings to all of our customers! That’s right, TODAY ONLY (03/17/15) save 10% on any repair service at Mission:Repair.

It’s simple, to obtain this SAVE Patrick’s Day discount, use coupon code “GREEN” when checking out online or print this email and bring it in to any of our walk-in locations. Have a cracked iPod screen? iPad not holding a charge? Save some green with Mission Repair and finally have that iPod, Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop repaired!

Happy Save Patrick’s Day!
(Coupon cannot be combined with any other coupon or discount including Got Repair benefit. Valid on new orders only, expires 03/17/15 at midnight)

Meet Our Newest Employee, Chris!

IMG_5408Chris is an experienced technician that has recently joined our team, helping out in Computer and Laptop Repairs as well as iPod and iPhone repairs! Basically, he knows it all. We are excited to have him and he is already catching on to our repair process very quickly.

Chris is originally from Basehor, Kansas, is recently married and has been doing IT work for 6 years. In addition to his IT background, he recently finished Firefighting Training and is currently working towards his EMT certification. When he actually has free time – one of his hobbies are classic cars and he is the owner of a ’57 Belair. Welcome to the team Chris, we are excited to have you.

Need an iPod, iPhone or Laptop repair? Call 1-866-638-8402 to speak to a Mission:Repair representative.

Mission Repair in the news…again!

Hello again friends,

We just received a fantastic article about our services provided to Adriana Michelle of AMB Magazine, who used our PC laptop repair service for her Acer Laptop…that had a cracked screen. As she describes:

“Being a publisher for an online magazine means I am constantly on my laptop. My online desktop is my office and it’s important to have it in tip-top shape to run business smoothly. Unfortunately a few weeks ago there was an incident with my laptop resulting in a damaged screen. Cracking an iPhone or laptop screen can be the most frustrating feeling because they are so entwined into our daily lifestyle.”

Here’s a picture of her laptop as she sent it in…it was a mess!

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 3.33.49 PM

We received her unit in on a Friday and it was shipped back out the following business day – and it was an Acer 15″ Laptop Screen repair– of course the service went flawlessly on our end. She received the device back and graciously wrote this article for the world to see! I love this kind of stuff, it makes me feel like we’re doing the right thing for people as they need it.

In fact, we go out of our way to get customer units done as fast as possible…and always try to make the experience as best we can within our abilities. Adriana received a “typical” repair from us, it all went smooth and we have another happy customer! That’s what it’s all about.

Have a great day, Ryan

The truth about Laptop Computer Logic Board Repairs from Mission Repair.

Hello friends,

We here at Mission Repair offer Laptop Computer Logic Board Repairs (also known as mother board repairs), and have been doing so for years. Logic board repairs consist of removing the board from your computer’s case, diagnosing the individual problem(s) that are causing the issue on the board itself down to a component level and then performing the necessary repairs with know-how, solder and a steady hand. This is a complicated service and can sometimes baffle both our technicians and customers so we offer a no-pressure method of service.


At times, there can be some confusion or concern when having your computer repaired (with any vendor) and I want to clarify a few points when we perform a repair for you.

Typically, there are three types of repairs:

1. Liquid damage. i.e., spilling a glass of water onto the keyboard of your Laptop. Humidity and lesser spills can certainly fall into this category as well.

2. Natural failure. Every computer has a limit, and eventually (per the nature of electronics) the logic board will fail over time.

3. Other failure. Other failures can be due to electrical issues (such as a bad power cord or even lightning strikes in your area), a drop of the laptop onto the ground, sitting on the laptop, or other anomalies that are just not conducive to laptop longevity.

In all cases, once we receive your laptop and verify that your unit needs a logic board repair (typically customers will order a free diagnosis to begin the process) we will call you for an approval.

Helpful hint: At this point it would be good to know any information that you might have regarding the failure to help us pinpoint the specific components and issues!

The approval phone call will be to confirm that the unit needs a logic board repair and we will confirm a price for a successful repair. In all cases, we never charge you for a logic board repair if we cannot repair it. Once the approval is made by you for the attempt we begin the process. It’s not fast per most standards; it can take anywhere from 4 days to 3 weeks to complete the repair. There are several steps and processes to complete – testing and retesting – installing your individual board several times to ensure that the repair has been successful.

Once we have verified the repair is complete and has been tested, we will install the board back into your device and reassemble the unit in it’s entirety. This is where some confusion may come in. In many cases, we receive laptop computers that have had liquid damage and simply won’t power up when received by us. We will repair the logic board and successfully power on the unit – only to find additional parts needed (i.e. bad keyboard, bad dvd drive, etc.) that surface after the unit boots up. This puts us both into an interesting situation; and the problem is to get the computer into full-functioning shape there may be additional repairs (costs) needed to complete the job. We will then contact you again to discuss these additional repairs and work with you to ease the burden on these unforeseen issues. Clearly, we want to quote you completely up front when we initially talk; but until the unit boots up under it’s own power, it’s difficult to see exactly what is going on with the rest of the computer. Not interested in paying any more for the additional components required to get the unit up to 100% functionality at that point? We can send the unit back as-is for the price quoted; or remove the logic board that we repaired, install a “like-for-like” defective board, not charge you for the repair, and send the unit back to you or recycle it here at our location appropriately.

In this last “worst case” scenario, we do have an option to remove your hard drive with all of your data (barring that it still works!) and send it back to you in an external case for a minimal charge. This way you can recover your data, pictures, documents, etc. by connecting the drive externally to another computer that you have access to. This is a optional win-win in most cases and we are happy to do so in the event your laptop is a total failure or just to expensive for your budget to repair!

There’s yet another scenario that does arise about 8% of the time in our attempts: We cannot repair your board, and as I stated before you will not be charged for the attempt. We will once again call you and advise on further repair options such as obtaining a replacement board to install into your unit and/or advising on whether it may be more cost effective to just buy an entirely new unit altogether. We will most likely discuss new price points and costs if they have changed and allow you time to make the appropriate decisions for your situation.

In all cases: You, our customer, is in complete control over the repair and if any any time before we send the unit back to you, decisions can be made about the costs, upgrades, lead times, data, or anything else that is of concern to you. We would even be happy to store the unit in our warehouse for a predetermined amount of time if you need time to think about it. We are happy to comply.

Additionally, we offer a comprehensive warranty on all of our logic board repairs so you can rest assured that after we repair it, it’s going to work for you when you get it back home. If not, we’ll perform the repair again for free.

Any questions? Give us a call at 866-638-8402.

Thanks, Ryan