It feels like vacation time around here!

Hello everyone,

It’s the last week of school for the kids around the Kansas City area, and my son Casey is happy to report that he will be home early the next few days because he had the option to “opt out” of a few final exams this week. He’s a sophomore in high school.


What is this “opting out” business? When I was in high school we had to take our finals. There were no free passes. It’s an interesting notion that would have made the remaining days of my high school years much more fun, don’t you agree?


“It’s finals week. Do you want to study with me?”

“No, I’m opting to not take my finals this year.”

That would have never worked at Independence High School back in the 80’s 😉

Well the times are changing, but it still definitely feels like summer vacation is approaching us. We have a few family plans and hopefully I can get my entire clan together and take a few camping trips as a group or get away to a destination somewhere…but the problem is that “dad” (that’s me) doesn’t get to take the summer off. I merely have to bask and live vicariously through those of you that do.

Ah well, I’ll be right here at Mission Repair planning my next vacation. Where are you going this year, and have you started packing?

Have a great day, Ryan