Chili Anyone?

Hello M:R Nation –

It’s that time of year again! We are hosting the 3rd annual Mission:Repair Chili Cook-off today and I couldn’t be more pumped! We have 2 different categories that our employees can enter: 1. Best Chili and 2. Best Side Dish. The winner of the best chili will take home $100 and the best side will take home $50.00! There is nothing like a little extra cash to start off your weekend!


You should smell this!

We have a great turnout this year and the judging begins at Noon sharp! We have recruited a couple of judges from a neighboring business so it will be a fair contest. I hope they come hungry, there is enough chili here to feed an army!


Derrick thinks this is a winner! 

As a small business, we find it very important to have events like this. It helps shake up the month, as doing anything day in and day out can get mundane… even if you love your job like we do! Who would of thought it, chili a serious morale booster? It is indeed and especially on a cold day like today.

Welp, I gotta get to work on some new services that we will be offering starting next week, which is going to be a hard task to complete on this distracting, yet wonderful day!

Cheers, Troy