We’re in California! The Apple campus is awesome.

So we’ve been busy all day, and it started last night on our way to CA from KS at about 3 am. We had a relatively uneventful day until our plane in Denver had a hydraulic problem that stranded us on the runway for about an hour. However Southwest got it fixed and got us to Apple in Cupertino at about 12:00pm at lunch time.

We signed in at Apple and got our badges. We were “warned” not to take pictures, but I was able to sneak a few in and around the courtyard. Here are a few items:

Here's #1 Infinite Circle in Cupertino!

Here's #1 Infinite Loop in Cupertino!

Walking up to the campus from the parking lot:

Walking up to the Apple Campus.

Walking up to the Apple Campus.

I was able to sneak a pic of my partner Kyle in front of the Caffe Macs Diner:

Caffe Macs.  I had the sandwich and a smoothie ;-)

Caffe Macs. I had the sandwich and a smoothie 😉

One more shot of the inside of Town Hall.


Other than these, we were on lockdown (photographic wise). Sorry we weren’t able to get more but they have some pretty tight security down there! Anyway, we have several more Apple meetings tomorrow, but tonight I’m heading to Pedros Mexican restaurant in Los Gatos. Never been there? Just trust me, you need to try the Chili Colorado. OK, I’m pretty beat from the traveling and meetings- I’ll be back Monday. Have a great weekend!

Take care, Ryan

Private Pilot Training 101!

Well, it’s been a dream of mine for about 18 years, and I’m finally doing it! I’m taking lessons to get my Private Pilot’s license and it’s going very well! I kinda feel like I was “built” for flying, or more specifically, piloting an airplane. I just feel like I “get it” and it’s coming very naturally at this point, but I do have an instructor in the right seat so that gives me a little bit of comfort!

My first flight!

My first flight!

Pretty soon, it’ll be PIC Ryan (Pilot in Charge Ryan for you greenhorns out there) 😉

Speaking of flying, my partner Kyle and I will be flying out of the Kansas City area on Friday morning to visit the mothership in Cupertino. Yes, we’re heading out for a couple of meetings at Apple, Inc. and I promise I’ll get a picture of us at Caffe Macs having a bite to eat. This is an exciting weekend for us and we hope to have a prosperous trip. I’m even going to meet a couple of long-time friends (you know- the guys you knew since you were 5 years old). We have a couple of nights to catch up with them as we work on some business deals. I’ll be blogging from California so check back with us to see what’s happening at Apple. (Because I’m gonna ask!)

Talk to you soon, Ryan