Flappy Bird Frustration!

Hello M:R Nation –

I have succumbed to the newest trend in smartphone gaming… FLAPPY BIRD! I have to force myself to put this game down so I can spend time with my family and actually do my job. I find my hand drifting towards my iPhone on an hourly basis to play a quick game to two, but I end up playing about 10 tries!

This game is the most addictive, frustrating and entertaining game I have ever played and on may occasions, I have wanted to trow my phone! The problem here, is that I am not alone.

Today we had a customer bring in their iPhone 5S, laid it down on our counter and uttered two painful words… “Flappy bird”. Without hesitation, we started his repair and he left a happy camper no less than 20 minutes later. We even offered to the delete the app for him but declined with a grin 🙂


My High Score!

This customer, plus my own frustrations really got me thinking… “How many people have just tossed their device in anger after playing Flappy Bird”? While I am sure there is no real way to come up with a data on this, I can only assume that its more than the gent that came into our lobby this afternoon.

So I ask this to all of our loyal readers: Have you physically harmed your device, because of this wonderfully awful game? If so, I want you to know that Mission Repair is here for you! I guess you could call us the first official Flappy bird support group. So if you just recent tossed your iPad Mini like a paper airplane, or stomped a hole in you Samsung GS3,  we will not only give you a shoulder to cry on, but we will fix your broken device while you sulk. The only thing we won’t be able to help you with, is your Flappy Bird addiction, we can barely put the game down ourselves!

Cheers, Troy