4th Generation iPod Touch Repair!

Hello M:R Nation –

The iPod Touch 4 continues to have staying power. Folks continue to choose to repair instead of replace these awesome machines and with good reason… they just continue to work! Cracking the screen will not render the iPod touch useless in most cases, rather, you just have to compete with shards of glass.


Cracked iPod Touch 4 Glass!

We at Mission Repair salute the staying power of the iPod Touch 4 and are proud to be the premiere repair facility for these awesome little guys :-).

If you have an iPod touch that looks like the image above, you certainly need our services! Click here: iPod Touch Screen Repair to get started on your repair today!

Cheers, Troy

iPod Touch 4 Screen Repair Now Only $59.00!

Hello iPod Touch 4 Owners –

We have a great price to announce today that will greatly benefit you! Whether you have owned your iPod Touch 4 from day one or have been the beneficiary of an awesome hand-me-down, you can image how hard it is to live without it by your side. You take it on trips, hikes, walks, to the shower, and it is what wakes you up in the morning. You take all of your family photos on it and even use it to order pizza online. We understand how integral of a tool it actually is!

Broken Touch 4

It is our goal at Mission:Repair to keep this tool in good working order for as long as humanly possible and save you a few bucks along the way. Today, we have decided to work a little harder on the  “save you a few bucks” part!  We have lower the price and are now giving you a massive savings on the 4th Gen iPod Touch BLACK Front Glass & LCD Repair and 4th Gen iPod Touch WHITE Front Glass & LCD Repair services! We have brought the screen repair prices down to a mere $59.00!

Thats right, there is no reason to go out and spend $229 on a brand new iPod Touch, its just ludicrous! Save yourself $170 bucks and choose to have it repaired with Mission Repair! Ok, you “REALLY want the new generation iPod Touch”. Repair this broken thing, sell it for $130 + and give yourself a little boost towards buying that new Apple device you so crave :-)! Either way, REPAIR IT!

This new price is effective immediately and you need no coupon codes to obtain the savings. Simply come in, call (866-638-8402) or Click to get your life back in order today!

Cheers, Troy