Hurry iPhone 4 and 4S Owners… It’s Almost Over!

Hello M:R Nation  –

A quick post to remind all of you iPhone 4 and 4S owners that we only have days until our awesome “Deal Of The Month” comes to an and!

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 11.48.34 AM


That’s 8 days to be exact. For only 8 more days you can save an extra $10.00 on an already awesome price for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S screen repair services! Heck, even if you don’t have a broken screen, this deal is so good,  you might as well buy it just incase :-)!

Cheers, Troy

Happy Sunday To You!

Hello M:R Nation –

Its Sunday afternoon and I just wanted to share two things with you before I spend the rest of the day outside, enjoying this beautiful weather!

First, it was “Fall Deco Day” at the Harris household and I have to say, I really channeled my inner Martha Stewart! There is nothing I love more than this season and what better way to remind me of it, than to stare at this when I’m sitting on my couch?!?


Just Call Me Martha!

Secondly, I wanted to remind all of you iPod touch and iPhone 4/4S owners of the special savings we have introduced during the month of October!

We have a brand new price on our iPod touch screen repair services of just $59.00! This is for both white and black! For black, click here: 4th Gen iPod Touch BLACK Front Glass & LCD Repair (Also fixes touch functions!) and for white, click here: 4th Gen iPod Touch WHITE Front Glass & LCD Repair (Also fixes touch functions!)! If you have a crack in your glass, a broken LCD screen or if your touch function no longer…functions, this service it for you!

Also, we are running an awesome “Deal Of The Month” on our iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S screen repair services! This month only, save an extra $10.00 off an already awesomely low price! Click the following link to receive this great deal: Deal Of The Month!

Ok, I’ve spent enough time inside today. Its time to “get outside and see the world” !