Back To School With Mission Repair!

Hello M:R Nation –

It’s that time of year once again. Vacations have been had, sun burns are healing and you’re making trips to the store for 3 ring binders. Parents are celebrating. Kids are lamenting. College students are readying their books and teachers are breaking out the old lesson plans to finish up before the ring of that first school bell.

Something else that this time of year brings, is a hasty need to get a computer, tablet or other device repaired before school starts. Parents, kids, college students and teachers alike are in this same situation across the country. We know this because we receive your calls :-). This can really put a damper on the last few great days of summer you have left.


We at Mission Repair know this time all too well. Many of our spouses are teachers, many of us have children returning to school and we even have a few folks going back to college, just like you. So we understand the stress and expense that this time of year can bring. Because of that, we have decided to cook up a little “Back To School” coupon to help your sanity and wallet!

This is a 13% discount that is good for your entire order! If you have a broken Macbook Pro Screen, smashed iPad Mini glass, cracked iPhone 5 screen assembly or any other gamut of damage possible on any device you might have, this code is sure to save you cash!

The code is very simple, just type in school13 during the check-out process in the box that looks like this:

Coupon Box

You will see the savings instantly reflected! This coupon is active starting right not and will be so until August 30th, 2013! So on behalf of Mission Repair, please enjoy this savings and your last few days of summer!

Cheers, Troy

The truth about the iPhone 5 Glass Replacement!

Hello everyone, this post is in response to the THOUSANDS of you that have read our earlier post about the iPhone 4 glass replacements. I just need to clarify some of the questions that we receive constantly about this particular repair.

The dreaded iPhone 5 “cracked glass” issue!

We are flowing a massive amount of iPhone 4 glass Replacements through our business these days – iPhone 5 parts and repairs are steadily growing and I want to clear up a few inquiries right here:

1. The 4/4S Glass,Digitizer and LCD WILL NOT WORK in your iPhone 5. As they look similar, they are 100% different products and not interchangeable.

2. The iPhone 5 Glass Repair is more expensive than the 4 and 4S iPhone Screen Repair. The reason is that the iPhone 5 version of the glass is a new technology called In-cell display. What this means is the display on the iPhone 5 is interlaced together like a carbon fiber, apposed to the iPhone 4/4s displays that are just fused on top of each other. With In-cell technology,you have a much better picture and can create a much thinner display.

3. You cannot just replace the glass on the iPhone 5. To fix a cracked glass on an iPhone 5 we must replace the glass, digitizer and the LCD as I stated above. These parts are (for a lack of better term) “interlaced” together from the factory. There is just no way to safely separate and reuse any of these parts.

4. You cannot use “plexiglass” and perform your own “cheap” repair. This is ridiculous. I have seen posts advising this and I challenge anyone to prove that they can get the touch digitizer and LCD off of their broken glass front and get it to work with a home made plexiglass front. Can’t be done.

5. We do sell “Do-it-yourself” iPhone 4 Glass assemblies & iPhone 4S Glass assemblies and we will soon offer the same for the black and white iPhone 5.

This will help with some of the common questions, for sure. We know that there are many theories out there but you can take solid advice from us here at Mission Repair. We’ve repaired THOUSANDS of units and it makes perfect sense to listen to the voice of experience. Still have questions? Give us a call at 866-638-8402 and we’ll get you on the phone with a technician right away!

Cheers, Troy

iPhone 5 Front Glass Screen Repair Now Only $219.00!

Hello M:R Nation!

Its a cold and rainy day here in Kansas City, but Mission Repair is on fire with the its newest price drop! We are announcing today a massive price drop on the iPhone 5 Front Glass Screen Repair service that is sure to please.

Broken iPhone 5

We have dropped the price all the way down to $219! This is a 40% savings which is an almost unheard of price drop. This price stems directly from our philosophy of handing over our savings to our customers. When we save, you save…This has always been and will always be the Mission Repair way.

We have done a little research on some non Mission:Repair options for the iPhone 5 screen repair and this is what we came up with:

$299= Other Repair Companies Average Repair Cost (no free shipping, no Got Repair Benefit, More expensive!)

$249 = Apple (You receive a completely different, refurbished iPhone. This means you have to set it up from scratch.)

$219= Mission repair ( You receive unprecedented service, Got Repair Benefit, free shipping and 60 day price protection!)

How do you start benefiting from this amazing savings? The best way to start is clicking here: iPhone 5 Front Glass Screen Repair (Black) if you have a black iPhone 5 or here:iPhone 5 Front Glass Screen Repair (White) if you have a white iPhone 5. We are fully stocked and ready to make you whole again!

Cheers, Troy

iPhone 5 Screen Repair!

Hello M:R Nation –

We are a little over the 2 month anniversary of the release of the iPhone 5. It continues to receive accolades from everyone in the industry and I can say by experience, these are well deserved accolades. The only thing missing on this beauty was Google Maps. Now, if you read my previous post, you would know that this problem has finally been solved!

Broken iPhone 5 Screens

Broken iPhone 5 Screens

So now that you and I now own the perfect communications device, what could go wrong? Well, if you notice the picture above, this is what can go very wrong.

With a plethora of drop tests circulating around the internet, you can see that the iPhone 5 can take a nice beating. But drop it too many times or just in the right area and you will see the above result. There is no such thing as uncrackable glass (Or at least that I can find), there is no real cure for butterfingers and you can’t really control an accident.

So where does this leave us? It leaves us at the repair stage. There is absolutely no better alternative to repairing an iPhone or any other Smartphone for that matter. Replacing will cost you well over any repair cost, throwing it out  in no way helps this place we live on called Earth and living with the problem is just annoying/hindering.

Allow us at Mission:Repair to help out with our iPhone 5 Front Glass Screen Repair (Black) or our iPhone 5 Front Glass Screen Repair (White). This will replace both the glass and spectacular Retina display. If you have further questions, give us a call at 866-638-8402 or email!

Cheers, Troy!