Sorry, I took a long lunch…

Hello friends,

My buddy Troy Harris is out of town and has been for several weeks on a business trip. His son, Brae, turned 5 while he was (is) away, so I thought that it would be fun to take Brae out to lunch. Just me and him. Just the guys.

Brae is going to start Kindergarten next week, his birthday was a couple of weeks ago, his dad has been out of town, so I figured we could hang out to give his momma a break. Not that she was asking, but it seemed right. I want to blog about our lunch because it made me remember what it was like to have a 5 year old and it was fun!

We ended up at our local bar and grill. Brae and I took a selfie:


He wanted spaghetti- well they didn’t have actual “spaghetti”, but after a small sales pitch on my part, we ended up with penne pasta and red sauce. He ate a ton!


I had a surprise for him. I buckled him up and drove over to Toys R Us. I mean, a kid can’t have a birthday without a gift, right?


We hunted high and low. I let him take his time…and he ended up with a couple of gems! He got the Ninja Turtles Swimming Set, and a “Leonardo” Ninja Turtles Desk Lamp. I was proud of his purchases, and he was a happy little turtle:


After about an hour and a half I needed to get back to work. His momma met us up at Toys R Us with his sister (he picked out a small gift for her too!), we got him buckled up, and sent on his way:


It was a great long lunch and I am appreciative of the Harris’ for letting take control of their son for a bit. I had a great time, got to relax, and was able to remember what it was like to be a parent of a youngster again. That reminds me; my son Casey stopped by the office this morning after he had an interview at the Olathe Police Department- I’ll shoot a quick blog out about that next!

I’m feeling pretty good – take care, Ryan