Hello there from Kansas City, we are about to get the storm of the year. Plus a coupon inside!

Hello everyone,

We are preparing for the worst. Starting tomorrow evening, the weather forecast calls for blizzard conditions and a lot of snow- between 5 and 15 inches around the Kansas City area. I think that we here at Mission Repair will be on the lower end of the snowfall, but it still makes for a heck of a commute and a mess on the streets.

We haven’t had much snow lately, in fact, I rode my motorcycle on Sunday, because it was about 60 degrees out. Today on the other hand, it’s going to be a high of 35 degrees and my feet are actually cold as I sit here at my desk. I think I’ll wear my wool socks tomorrow and Thursday!

Don't venture out to get your phone or computer repaired Thursday - just call us and we'll have it picked up from you!

Don’t venture out to get your iPhone repaired Thursday – just call us and we’ll have it picked up from you!

Never fear- Mission Repair will be open for business as usual, but I would anticipate that our walk-in traffic will be lighter than normal tomorrow afternoon and Thursday. If you’re in need of an iPhone or iPad repair, never fear, we will still take care of you.

In fact, I encourage you to NOT drive in the impending mess. Please let us have your device picked up from your location, even if you’re in the Kansas City area, and leave the driving to FedEx. They will take care of things while the snow is falling. We do charge a small fee for this service, but I’ll also introduce a coupon that will offset the costs as much as possible.

Just use coupon code “blizzard” now until Sunday evening (that’s February 19 – February 24, 2013) when you checkout online and you’ll receive 15% off of your entire order, even on shipping. This way, if you’re in the path of the storm, you can stay put and relax. We’ll handle your repair while you’re snuggling by the fire!

If you not in the path of the blizzard, that’s OK; you can use the coupon too.

Have a great week!!


OK, so it snowed again yesterday and Tayler got stuck!

Hey there folks! Yeah, it was snowy and cold yesterday morning and my daughter was heading to school. . .then I got the call. If you live in a “snow state” you know what “the call” is. She was upset and shaken up, but nevertheless totally safe and unharmed. She said she was going 14 MPH- I think she was probably double that speed 😉

She ended up sliding off the road and into a pile of snow. I arrived with my regular emergency kit which consists of a tow rope, snow shovel, gloves and boots.

My daughter stuck in the snow!

By the time I got to her she was calm – I mean firstly she was going to miss school so that’s always a “treat”. Next she had a chance to relax and calm down. Third, I volunteered to come get her so she didn’t have to face a tow truck driver on her own, which was my first answer for her when she called!

Of course being a good dad and not wanting my 16 year old to handle a tow service on her own, I needed to sacrifice my warm office for the cold Kansas climate. I think that I did the right thing 😉

Take a look at this picture – it’s a bleak blah looking landscape- but by Sunday it should all be melted away and 50 degree temperatures are in the forecast. Finally, a weekend to look forward to!!

OK, back to work (I’m talking to myself) and I’ll be back with more Mission Repair information soon.

Thanks, Ryan