Lower Price on Blackberry Storm Screen Repair!

Oh yeah, we just received better pricing on our BlackBerry parts- so we’re starting by dropping our BlackBerry Storm Screen Repair Service to a new low price of only $149 installed-

This is a new savings to you on a popular service for your BlackBerry – from the service professionals here at Mission Repair.

Thanks, I’ll be back soon with a new iPhone Repair video that we are finishing up. See you again soon!


NEW: Blackberry Storm LCD Screen Repairs!

Hello fellow blog lovers. . .

We just announced our new Blackberry Storm Repairs (series 9500 and 9530) and we are busy taking orders. Our press release hit yesterday afternoon and we’re taking it by Storm. OK, that was cheesy, but what the heck.


Mission Repair announces Blackberry Storm LCD Screen Repairs! Launching at $179 installed and with a 1 year warranty against manufacturer defects. Check out our new service and let me know if you have any questions!

Thanks, I’ll be back soon with more new services and releases.

Take care, Ryan