Superbowl Commercials = HUGE SUCCESS!

Hello friends, it was a long, late night last watching the “Blackout Bowl” for 2013. We were lucky, our commercials ran before the disruption and went off without a hitch! Never fear, if you missed the 2-part commercials titled “The Super Bowl Scuffle”, you can see them here:

The Super Bowl Scuffle: Part 1

The Super Bowl Scuffle: Part 2

Yeah, it’s been a busy morning. We we’re on 810 sports radio this morning and NBC is doing an independent review pitting our commercials up against the other National commercials today. It’s been a fun weekend!! Yikes, sales are off the charts and we’re scrambling to get our selves composed. I’ll share more news later today!!

Best, Ryan

Superbowl is drawing near, and our commercials are ready!

Hello folks, it’s that exciting time of year, and we’ve got an amazing “history making” Superbowl to watch on February 3rd!..

OK so my team didn’t make it into the Superbowl, but nevertheless there are two amazing teams going head to head. Which Harbaugh will take it this year?

The other exciting part is that our new commericals are done and uploaded to the CBS network. They are going to air at halftime again in this year’s Superbowl! I want to show you the commercials now, but I can’t. They need to wait for halftime. Here’s a teaser:

Mission repair 2013 Superbowl Commercials

Did you notice the athletic girl in the background throwing a Kaepernick-like spiral toward the unsuspecting iPhone user in the foreground? Yeah, it’s a bad scene…but it doesn’t end up like you might think!!!

There are two commercials that are going to run in sequence. It’s a two-part story and has a hilarious ending. In any case, we are excited over here at Mission Repair and we are excited for the big game. Watch out for some Super-Pre-Superbowl specials that are being set up and launched soon!!

Ok everyone, have a great Friday and I shall return shortly.


It’s almost SUPERBOWL time – see Mission Repair LIVE during the game!

Hello and good afternoon everyone! Want some amazing news from all of us here at Mission Repair?

QUESTION: “What’s your favorite part about watching the Superbowl?”
ANSWER: “The commercials!”

Are you getting any hints here? I’m letting the cat out of the bag tonight! Mission Repair is airing 2 (count ’em – two!) commercials that are going to be played LIVE during Superbowl XLVI on February 5, 2012. That’s right, we are taking the plunge. We have 2 commercials that are airing for the first time LIVE during this year’s Superbowl in Indianapolis for the millions of viewers to see!

We want to share our excitement today as we build up to the biggest television event of the year. Truth be told, we have 3 commercials, one was “too racy” for TV. Don’t worry, it’s not “too racy” for me. . .you’ll be able to see this “internet only” version the day of the game as well. Stay tuned to for all the details.

Can anyone say “Superbowl Party at Ryan’s House?”

Have a great weekend, Ryan