Ready – Set – Watch! Best iPhone 3G Take-Apart and Cracked Glass Repair.

Guess who’s back? Yup, it’s me. Your favorite read of the day! (OK humor me please 😉

We have uploaded our newest video to YouTube. How to repair your iPhone 3G Cracked Glass in under 6 minutes. AKA: 6 minute abs for the iPhone!

With this newest how-to iPhone repair video, we’ll show you the ins and outs of replacing the cracked glass on the iPhone 3G quickly and safely. Still don’t feel like repairing it yourself? We know how you feel. It’s OK, for a small additional fee, we’ll take care of the issue for you, just follow the link to our Award-Winning iPhone 3G Glass Repair here.

Thanks, I’ll back in the video booth for a little longer. We’re going to start testing some new video ideas that I think you’re gonna love!

¡Adios Amigos!- Ryan