iPhone 5S. Glass is tougher; but…

Hi folks,

I’ve needed to take a 2 day hiatus from my blogging. That’s more like 2.5 days since it’s Wednesday afternoon and I’m just now getting to my first post of the week. Personally it was a tough weekend because I injured my back so I’ve been down and out for a couple of days – but today I’m moving around pretty good. I think I have a MILLION emails to attend to, so I need to make this post short and sweet.

We’ve already been seeing iPhone 5S with cracked glass come in. It’s true. Troy blogged and took a few pics start to finish about the 5S, and from a repair standpoint, this unit is not for the “weak” technician. I think that this service is going to separate the “men from the boys” because it’s just not as simple as one might think. For those trying to perform this repair, you’ll know exactly what i’m talking about soon!

iphone5s screen repair

Never fear, we are the Innovators in the Industry, and we’ve got this service solved and are performing these repairs while our customers wait. No appointment necessary!

We know that if you walk in to our store or call in for a mail-order repair from anywhere in the country to have your iPhone 5S screen repaired you’re not in a good place. The iPhone 5S screen is supposed to be tougher than it’s predecessors; and it probably is. It’s just not tough enough to drop on concrete. We can prove it and we wouldn’t dare demonstrate it.

Just remember Mission Repair when you’re in need of an iPhone repair. I’ve been performing iPhone repairs longer than anyone in the industry despite what any other repair center may claim. I know the business, understand our customers, and appreciate every one of them. That’s why we’ve been voted the #1 repair site for the 6th year in a row – isn’t it strange the the iPhone has also been out for 6 years now?

It’s no coincidence.

I’ll be back soon with more info from all of us at Mission Repair, and personally from me to you I hope your holiday season has started out on the right foot!

Take care, Ryan

4 years in a row? We’ve got to be doing something right!

Hello all, it’s the middle of Cyber Monday. Our phones are ringing off the hook. We’ve had the lines lit up all morning and we’re actually truly just getting started. I’m in love with it and Mission Repair is rocking!

Amidst all the activity, I was informed today that we have done it again. The Mission Repair website has won the GOLD AWARD (top honors) on the independent TopTenREVIEWS website for the 4th year in a row and is recognized as the Best iPhone Repair Website on the internet! You can read the independent review here!

This is not an easy task. Just take a look at their criteria, and we’re judged on:

Website Format
Customer Service
Turnaround Time
Shipping Options

We made top honors in all categories! In fact we made top honors among ALL OTHER REPAIR WEBSITES on the internet. The great part about this review is that we didn’t do anything special to persuade it – we do all of these things well every day, for every customer. We can talk about ourselves all day long but it’s these kind of reviews that are our real report card. . .

As I write this blog the phones lines continue to stack up. I’m going to assist with a few calls maybe it’s you on the line now πŸ˜‰ Please hold, I’ll be right there.

Take care, Ryan

10% off any iPhone or iPod Repair Special!

Hello world! Or at least the Mission Repair blog readers of the world (that’s you!).

I just checked out stats on our blog- and I was happily surprised to see over 200,000 unique visitors visit our blog since its inception in 2008. I feel like this is pretty good! We are getting on average over 400 new blog readers each day, and our “unique visitors” stats are mounting up! I’m looking forward to seeing the 250,000 mark, the 500,000 mark, and then finally the 1,000,000 mark. I believe that we’ll get there sooner than later! Remember that these are also “unique” visitors and repeat visits or regular readers only count once.

In honor of what would I consider to be a success, we are offering a 10% coupon for any iPhone Repair or iPod Repair that we offer. Heck let me open that up to ANY repair that we offer here at Mission Repair. When you place your order online or if you decide to call in and place an order, just use coupon code “200K” and you’ll receive 10% off your ENTIRE order including shipping. That’s right, you can adjust your order online, or ask your sales person on the phone.

Please remember that this coupon code cannot be used in conjunction with any other coupon code, and this offer expires on April 30th, 2010.

Thanks again for your loyal support, and remember that we’re going to be here for years to come!

Take care, Ryan

Mission Repair has done it again! It was nothin, really. . .

What did we do? Well do you remember last year when we were awarded the 2009 Gold Award by TopTenReviews.com? You may have seen this banner on our site at some point:

Recently announced, we did it again. We won the 2010 Gold Award from TopTenReviews.com for being the best iPhone Repair site in the country. It’s nice to be judged independently like this. It just makes me feel like my team is doing everything right!! So, just take a peek at our site now, we’ve added the 2010 Gold Award badge and they are starting to stack up on us. It feels pretty good!

Take care, I need to get back to work. With all of the press lately business is really picking up.

Did I hear someone ask where our new iPhone App was? Yup still in the hands of our friends at Apple. Apparently they are inundated by a slew of new Apps submitted for some silly contraption called the iPad πŸ˜‰ We are about 95% done!

Thanks, I’ll be back soon. Ryan

Mission Repair in the New York Times Today!

Yup, I got a chat from a friend saying that we were in the Times today! Pretty cool- it’s about iPhone repair, and in the article the author calls out Mission Repair touting our mail-order services. In addition, one of our affiliates, 3gcrackedglass.com also got a mention- good job over there guys!

You can read the article here: Mission Repair in the New York Times.

Remember, there’s a reason that we got top billing. Mission Repair received the top Gold Award for the Best iPhone Repair Site by toptenreviews.com, for 2009 AND 2010. That’s all we have to say πŸ˜‰

Take care everyone. We’re working on our site to accommodate all of our new Protect Meβ„’ Plans that are launching with our exclusive iPhone and iPod Touch App VERY soon!