Shout out to “PIGWICH” – a Kansas City gem!

Hello again!

I stopped at a small food stand, “PIGWICH” in Kansas City for the first time yesterday and when I’m impressed by another small business I try to take the time to talk about it.


I was able to get in between the long line and get this quick picture in from of the stand. It’s similar to a “food truck” but it’s permanently in place…where you walk up, order, and get your meal from the window when they call your name.

Lennie and Allen were with me and Lennie’s “beef tongue” sandwich was spectacular…according to him. I’m not much of a “tongue” sandwich eater, so I ordered the cheese steak sandwich that was truly amazing. Here’s Lennie enjoying his lunch:


It was a perfect 70 degree day out so we sat and enjoyed some good food from some great people down at Pigwich. If you’re in town, I suggest you give it a try!

Take care, Ryan