Good Evening M:R Nation –

It looks like  its that time of year again for all of you teachers to resume your teaching, all of you students to continue learning and all of your parents to start celebrating! I am at a strange point in life, my children are nowhere near school age, and I have not precipitated in a course in almost 10 years. Though it has been a good chunk of time since I’ve sat in a k-12 class room, I can still remember the feeling of those fresh pair of shoes, new clothes and clean note books. So I can really only relate with the students at this point until I can send Brae and Kynlee (my childern) off and packing and enjoy a day all to myself.

So from a students stand point, the last thing I want to do is go back to school with a broken iPhone, iPad or iPod! The great part is, its not too late. We can still fulfill your repair needs before school starts! This is where the parent in me comes out… How can I make this easy on the folks(PARENTS) that are actually going to be paying for this much needed accessory to be repaired? How about a coupon? Thats what I’m talking about! So here it is, a MASSIVE 20% off your entire order! You can call 866-638-8402 or visit and use coupon code: backtoschool20 valid through 8/21/12!

Enjoy, Troy

Back to school and a coupon code!

How does a 15% off Back to School Special sound? The reason that I’m offering this now is because I just took my kids “back to school shopping” and it wasn’t cheap. I mean after the laundry list of supplies that we needed and the clothes and lunch money deposits, I wasn’t left with much in my wallet!

So in response to this money madness I’m going to spur the economy. . .We’re offering 15% off any iPod Repair, iPad Glass repair, MacBook upgrade or any other service that we offer now though August 21, 2011 at Midnight so don’t delay.

Just enter coupon code “DEUCE” to receive that 15% off starting immediately. I’ll be back soon with more awesome information!

Best, Ryan