Yes, our Lakewood Colorado Site is scheduled to open. Now we’re on to Atlanta.

Hello friends,

We’re scheduled to open our Lakewood location on February 2nd, 2012; that’s a done deal. In fact our new Store Manager is finishing his training, and his last day here at the Mission Repair Headquarters will be on 1/29…then hes heading home to Lakewood for the big grand opening on Monday the 2nd. It’s exciting!


Now that we’re “locked and loaded” so to speak, it’s now time to move on to Atlanta. We’re heading out this weekend to the Georgia city of “Hotlanta” to secure our next Mission Repair location that is scheduled to open this Spring. Atlanta is the cultural and economic center of the Atlanta metropolitan area, home to 5,522,942 people which we will be servicing from our location shortly. We already get a ton of mail-in business from the Georgia why are we moving a location there?

It’s to better serve our customers. We will still be taking mail-in business, that’s not going to change. But now all of our Georgia customer units will be diverted to our Atlanta store, so shipping will not only be faster…but it’ll be cheaper. This is a value to our customers that is unparalleled. Not only that, we will have a fantastic walk-in storefront for anyone in the region to visit.

Mission Repair’s goal is to continue to provide the Nation with superior iPhone and Smartphone repair services; just as we have been doing it “award winning style” for longer than most.

Thanks for hanging in there. We’ve already received several emails form customers asking when this new location will be open, and I’m shooting for mid-April of this year. It’ll be here before you know it 😉

Take care, Ryan

iPhone 4S screen replacement, only $69 installed!

Hello again!

I’m always surprised to see so many iPhone 4S phones that come through our service center on a daily basis. Some people just love these devices, and I’m not going to kid you, I like the form factor as well. It’s a bit shorter and wider than an iPhone 5S which is appealing to some!

Did you know that Mission Repair provides NATIONWIDE iPhone 4S repairs, and cracked screen replacements are just $69. Check it out on our website here!

Your service includes a brand new glass panel, lcd and digitizer plus the labor to install. Once we’re done with our service (which we can do while you wait) you’d never know that you had a cracked screen to begin with.

There’s no coupon needed, and with low shipping prices, there’s no reason to wait. We’ll fix your iPhone if you live in Santa Fe, MN, San Jose, CA, or Atlanta, GA. It doesn’t matter where you are in the United States, we’ll take care of business.

Give us a call 7 days a week at 866-638-8402. Customer Service Representatives are standing by!

I’ll be back soon, Ryan