What a treat!

Hello friends- I try to keep a good mix of business and “reasonable” personal blogs in the mix, and this one just needed to be posted.

My wife Dandra (who is on summer vacation because she is a teacher) has been busy in the kitchen…last night I came home to this:


And for desert after dinner I got this:


Yup. Home made, low calorie, granny smith apple turnovers. I was only allowed to eat one…but never fear there are a couple more in the fridge for tonight. The smell of apples and cinnamon were fantastic and the hot mix of apples and sauce with the flaky crust was even better after a long day at work.

I almost took a picture of the chicken pot pie that she made as well, but the turnovers took top prize last night. Yummy!

I’m no wimp in the kitchen either. I make “world famous” chicken nuggets (these aren’t your typical McDonalds nuggets either) and when I whip up a batch it’s a family favorite. I’ll post my recipe sometime.

I was looking forward to dinner tonight…and on the way out this morning she said “I’ll be out late, so you’re on your own for dinner. There are hot dogs in the fridge.”

I guess it’ll be a hot dog night. It’ll do 😉

Take care, have a great day – Ryan