One More Day!

Happy Monday M:R Nation –

You wouldn’t believe the amount of emails I received this weekend requesting the “Weekend Coupon Code“! It was quite literally one email after the other. My wife finally asked me why I was looking at my phone so much this weekend, I showed her the blog and the words “You are such a workaholic” formed under her breath:)

I enjoyed receiving so many emails, that I want to continue the onslaught 🙂 I am extending this coupon code for ONE MORE DAY! Follow the same directions that were in my previous blog and save yourself some money!

Cheers, Troy

Top Selling Products

Good Morning M:R Nation –

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last Top Selling Products list and I couldn’t think of a better time to take another look at our data and give you an update. We have a couple of surprises and a few not so surprising top sellers on


1)  4th Gen iPod Touch BLACK Front Glass/Digitizer & LCD Repair

t2) iPad 2 Glass and Digitizer Front Panel Repair Service – Black

t2) iPhone 4 Front Glass Screen Repair. Touch Screen Repair Service.

3) Samsung Stratosphere Front Glass and LCD Screen Repair

4) Samsung Galaxy S II (T-Mobile) Glass Screen Repair.

5) iPad 2 Glass and Digitizer Front Panel Repair Service – White

6) Kindle Fire Screen Repair Service | Amazon Kindle Fire Screen Repair

As you can see, the 4th Generation iPod Touch is still hanging strong to that #1 position. We have a fierce battle brewing at the #2 position between the black iPad 2 and black iPhone 4 screen repair services! The biggest surprise however is the the strides that the Samsung Stratosphere is taking as it is making its way to the #1 position! We round out our top sellers list with a few famillier faces ending again on the Kindle Fire which is enjoying it’s time on this elite sellers list. 

Well… it’s way too nice outside today to be cooped up in this office. I might try to find a way to run some errands or set up my desk outside… wish me luck!

Cheers, Troy!

Deal Of The Week!

Greetings M:R Nation –

We have a great Deal Of The Week lined up thats valid through 8/3/12. Am I the only one shocked that it’s already almost August? How time flies when you love what you do :)… Anyway, we already have a ridiculously low price on our 11″ and 13″ Glossy Macbook Air screen replacement service. I want to make it a little more ridiculous!

You could say “ridiculous” is a relative term, but I think we all could relate to a $40.00 savings! Thats right, I’m knocking the price down on both the 11″ and 13″ Glossy Macbook Air Screen Repairs!

You can get this great deal starting this very second and like I said above, it ends 8/3/12 which is next Friday. Get your order in quick, because both you and I know how fast next Friday will be here.

Cheers, Troy

Lower Price on iPod Touch 4th Gen Glass Repair!

Now at an even lower price! We’re dropping our price because we received another price decrease on these screen assemblies. Have a cracked glass on your iPod Touch 4th Gen? You know, this is the iPod with the front facing camera so you can use Facetime to video conference with your friends?

Ouch! Mission Repair will take care of this - fast.

4th Gen iPod Touch Glass Repair

Well we’re leading the market with this repair and now it’s coming to you at an even lower price that ever before. Only at Mission Repair. We’ll even pick it up from your location anywhere in the USA, have it fixed within one business day, and then sent back to your location. No hassle driving the iPod anywhere – we’ll handle everything.

Want more information? I have a full staff of customer service reps standing by at 866-638-8402. We’re happy to help!

Have a good night, Ryan

Nano 6 repairs = Success!

Hello everyone, sorry it’s been a few days since my last blog post. I was visiting friends in California for the last 4 days. . .one of which works at Apple. . .and went to her wedding reception. The awesome part about it was that she had an Apple cupcake dessert that was absolutely amazing. I will post pictures soon-

I wanted to write up a quick blog to let you know that we have released our latest service for the spectacular iPod nano 6. It’s a little fella, and we are starting to get repairs in daily. Here’s a shot of a nano with a cracked screen:

And here it is after repair from our service lab:

We have been in the business performing iPod repair for years, so this newest iPod nano 6 screen repair service just makes sense. Nano 6 iPod repairs at Mission Repair. . .spread the word!

Take care, Ryan