Now Available: 15″ Macbook Pro Unibody Trackpad Repair Service!

Hello M:R Nation –

I have a great new service to discuss with all of you 15″ Unibody Macbook Pro owners today. We  are now offering the 15″ Macbook Pro Unibody Trackpad Repair Service for direct order on! We use to make you send it in, let us diagnose is and then let you know that you have a trackpad issue . Then we thought, “Well if it is shattered, you already know what the issue is” so the birth child of that thinking created this BRAND NEW service!

 Macbook 15" Cracked Track Pad

Did you know that that trackpad that you use on a daily basis is glass? Yep, it’s true ! The thing your finger slides on to control your 15″ Unibody Macbook Pro is actually the same thing you touch when using your iPad and iPhone. Granted, it is a different color and it’s a little stronger. While your trackpad can crack like the above image, there is also the the treat of the touch or click function failing. If that occurs, this is still the service for you!

If you have any questions on this service, give us a call at 866-638-8402 or chat in, we would love to hear from you!

Cheers, Troy