5 More Days To Save!

Hello M:R Nation –

There are only 5 more days left to save on our awesome iPhone 5 Front Glass Screen Repair (Black) and iPhone 5 Front Glass Screen Repair (White) services!

We have had so many people over the last 25 days take advantage of this deal and we are trying hard to get the word out that this it’s almost over! The only thing that has a chance to  get you out of your post iPhone screen breakage funk is the fact that you DON’T have to buy a brand new phone or spend an arm and leg to have it repaired!

IPhone 5 disassembled.

Lets get that broken screen off of there!

Once we receive your iPhone 5, we will remove the old, cracked screen, clean up any left over glass shards and install a brand new iPhone 5 screen!

While I am making it sound easy, this repair is not something that we would recommend trying at home. There are many things that can go wrong through the course of this repair. We have already made all of the mistakes on our R&D phones over the years, so you don’t have to make the same mistake on your personal smartphone!

So please, get on this deal right now! Once December 1st hits, this deal will b no more… As always, Call, Click or Chat us if you have any comments, questions or just want to say hi!

Cheers, Troy

iPhone 5 Front Glass Screen Repair Now Only $219.00!

Hello M:R Nation!

Its a cold and rainy day here in Kansas City, but Mission Repair is on fire with the its newest price drop! We are announcing today a massive price drop on the iPhone 5 Front Glass Screen Repair service that is sure to please.

Broken iPhone 5

We have dropped the price all the way down to $219! This is a 40% savings which is an almost unheard of price drop. This price stems directly from our philosophy of handing over our savings to our customers. When we save, you save…This has always been and will always be the Mission Repair way.

We have done a little research on some non Mission:Repair options for the iPhone 5 screen repair and this is what we came up with:

$299= Other Repair Companies Average Repair Cost (no free shipping, no Got Repair Benefit, More expensive!)

$249 = Apple (You receive a completely different, refurbished iPhone. This means you have to set it up from scratch.)

$219= Mission repair ( You receive unprecedented service, Got Repair Benefit, free shipping and 60 day price protection!)

How do you start benefiting from this amazing savings? The best way to start is clicking here: iPhone 5 Front Glass Screen Repair (Black) if you have a black iPhone 5 or here:iPhone 5 Front Glass Screen Repair (White) if you have a white iPhone 5. We are fully stocked and ready to make you whole again!

Cheers, Troy