The greatest wedding cake ever! Or are these wedding cakes?

Good morning, this is the real deal.

This was the wedding cake of my good friends Shawna and David, that just had their anniversary this month. It’s been a short 5 years since I took this picture, but it’s so amazing that I knew it was worth the blog to keep it’s memory alive!


Of course, Shawna and David are fans of Apple, but Shawna is also working her dream job in Cupertino at the Apple Headquarters. She’s probably working right now with Tim Cook inventing something spectacular that we will see next year. Or maybe she’s cleaning the company kitchen 😉 All I know is that she’s a team player. I’ll head out to California to visit soon!

Congratulations Shawna on your anniversary. Oh yeah, this is still an amazing wedding cake.

Take care, Ryan