PRICE DROP! Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket Screen Repair

Bam! Clank! PRICE DROP! Sounds like a skyrocket falling out of thin air.

You can hear the prices falling from our Mission Repair location in Kansas City. It’s a crazy thing, but when we buy more quantity from our vendors, they lower our prices. When they lower our prices, we pass the savings onto you!

You could save a bag of money like this by using Mission Repair as your Service Provider.

So we’ve got a great deal on some of the the elusive Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket Screen Assemblies, and we’ve now taken $50 off of our Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket Screen Repair!

It’s currently our “special of the week” but I have a feeling that I’m going to keep it at this price for some time. Our supplier has a ton of inventory that they want us to move so we’re going to start moving it by giving you the best deal on the planet for this repair.

Well we’ve got some other great price drops coming soon too. So if you hear more ruckus coming from Mission Repair, you have an idea of what’s going on 😉

Take care, Ryan