Amazing Kindle 2 Screen Repairs a reality!

Hello all, well as your Kindle owners know, Amazon dropped the price of the unit to $149 making it a great buy in comparison to the “old price”. This in turn took it’s toll on the repair market which has all but dwindled to oblivion. Until we were able to procure a huge batch of Kindle screens at an amazing price and refuel the Kindle 2 repair market that we are thriving in today!

Mission Repair will repair your cracked Kindle Screen for only $99 installed. This means that even at Amazon’s lowest price of the millennium, there’s still a viable repair option in the event that you break your screen = Mission Repair.

What’s more, when you have your screen repaired with us, you automatically have our “Got Repair” benefits attached to your order. And if you ever break that screen again, we will repair it again under our “Got Repair” program! This is the truly amazing part about working with Mission Repair. It’s GOT REPAIR and only available with us!

OK, we’re moving along here at the office today and we are steadily keeping up with the flow of business. It’s a balancing act at which I’m getting mighty good at. . .thanks to the support team here at the Mission Repair base.

Have a great Monday, Ryan