Allergies anyone?

Ok, this is a personal blog…and it’s time to talk about the allergy problem here in Kansas City this year.


Yesterday morning, our local weatherman said that the pollen count and mold counts are very high…this explains why I need to restock my Nasacort supply. By the way Costco has a three pack for a great price 😉

I’ve been wondering why I feel so terrible for the last few weeks- because my seasonal allergies are typically done in April. It seems like it’s been a long summer for sure.

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 1.41.45 PM

I’m stocked up and ready for another month of ragweed. Yay. I apologize that if I sneeze when you call, I’m doing my best.

Anyone have and good remedies that I should try? It’s hard to concentrate on my work here at the office today, but I’m getting there.

*sniffle* – I’ll be back soon. Take care, Ryan


Good afternoon friends-

How was your Labor Day? I had a nice relaxing day yesterday…all except for the fact that my allergies to the pollen in the Kansas City area have been terrible. It feels like I’ve been eating OTC allergy medicine for my meals recently 😉 The last couple of weeks have been a little miserable, and it seems like Sudafed just isn’t helping any more at this point. So I’ve upgraded to the pseudoephedrine/cetrizine combination which seems to be working…

Summer allergies.

So I think I have the itchy eyes and sneezing under control this afternoon which feels great! I normally don’t have this kind of “hay fever” this late in the year; it probably has something to do with the climate changes in the world today.

Anyhow, that’s enough about my medical problems for today and I’ll be back tomorrow with a few great blogs. I have the ideas flowing. Did you see Melanie’s blog earlier today about our new pricing on the iPhone, 5, 5C and 5S screen repairs? It’s been a huge hit.

I’ll talk to you again tomorrow, have a good night.