The truth about iPod Touch 4 digitizer adhesive kits!

Hello all- I wanted to post this blog to clarify a few items about our exclusive iPod 4 adhesive kits. We are the only repair company in the world that is using the proper adhesives to adhere the new screen into the iPod Touch 4 frame. Most companies are using GLUE which can seep into the wrong places and further ruin parts – something that inferior repair center might do. Be careful out there!

We provide adhesive kits with our iPod Touch 4 digitizer replacement panels and we use them when we install a new glass panel into your iPod Touch 4. It’s nothing new. Here’s a peek at our kits: Mission Repair’s iPod Touch 4 Adhesive Kits!

Here’s a shot of the exclusive Mission Repair adhesives (Mission Repair adhesives are simply amazing).

Our adhesive kits are laser cut. Any adhesives that are “rotary die cut” allows for a pretty good cut, but not nearly as precise as the laser cutting. The amazing part about our adhesive kits is the material that we use – it’s our secret – but it out performs glue and other cheap overseas adhesives every time. We have installed over 20,000 adhesives in customer units and we’ve also sold our adhesives to repair centers all over the country.

The fact is that if the unit ever needs to be worked on again, we can separate the adhesive from the frame and get back inside the device and even re-use the glass – you won’t be able to do this with a “glued” in glass- it will crack and shatter the second you try to remove it. This is an advantage that you can only get from the Mission Repair adhesives which is small for you our customer, but huge for the technicians that work on the devices. Trust me on this one!

Hey everyone have a great weekend, but remember to think about the repairs that you’re getting from other sites on the ‘net. Don’t be afraid to ask a few questions – or call us at 866-638-8402 and ask us, we have nothing to hide!

Take care, Ryan