Acer Aspire Screen Repairs at Mission Repair!

We’re growing our line of Acer Laptop repairs and we launched our Acer Aspire screen repairs today. . .we’re releasing this new repair at an incredibly low price of just $169 installed. This is a huge savings versus other repair centers and we’re trying to make a statement with a bulletproof price point.

Acer Aspire Screen = Repaired!

What else do you get? 24 hour turnaround, expert technicians that have repaired thousands of laptops, a 1 year warranty, a brand new screen, $14 shipping, nationwide pickup. . .the list goes on and on.

Well, I’m catching a flight at 5:00pm this afternoon – actually co-piloting – to a steakhouse about 150 miles away. I’ll be sure and post some pictures next week of the journey. I’m taking my shipping clerk Lennie with us. It’s his first time on a airplane so I’ll try to capture the “moments” on film as we head out of town.

Take care, talk to you next week. Ryan