iPhone 6S Repairs launched…some still coming.

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Here at Mission Repair, we’re always trying to keep up with the current models for repairs, and we’re happy to bring the iPhone 6S repairs to our linecard.

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However we’re still working on iPhone 6S screen repairs…they are taking some time to get to us in the repair market. Could the news on CNN an hour ago have something to do with it?

From the article:
“Apple may be in a spot of trouble, at least in the short term, Credit Suisse said Tuesday.

The Swiss bank said in a note the tech giant has cut as much as 10 percent of its component orders. “The cuts seem to be driven by weak demand for the new iPhone 6s, as overall builds are now estimated to be below 80 million units for the December quarter and between 55-60 million units for the March quarter,” the bank said.

Credit Suisse also lowered its iPhone estimates for 2016 to 222 million from 242 million. It estimated a 6 percent year-over-year growth rate in 2017. “We believe such adjustments reflect a more subdued launch around the iPhone 6s/6s Plus in terms of uptake.”
Well, I do know that if Apple is cutting component orders, this will leave less components (screens!) in the market for the repair sector. While we are now offering a full line of repairs for the iPhone 6S, the screens are stil expensive and a bit scarce. I think we should be good by Christmas time, but ony time will tell. Good luck Apple!

Thanks, Ryan