Damon Huard in the house!

Well, I’m in the middle of the day pounding away on my keyboard and in walks a customer to have his iPod repaired. After a few minutes, I over-hear Ann up front taking his order. To my surprise, it’s Damon Huard. Quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs! Since we’re just south of Kansas City, it was a cool surprise to our Tuesday afternoon.

I walked out of my office to meet him and shake his hand (which is injured) but he gave a “man’s” handshake anyway. Unfortunately he’s out for the season with an injury which is one reason that the Chiefs have had some issues this year. ‘Tis the nature of the game.

We got to talking a little bit about the Chiefs (they’ve had better years for sure) but this guy was very nice and was very humble. Cool dude that was just out looking to get his 4th Gen U2 iPod Repair done. We took care of him and wished him luck. It’s just not every day you see an NFL Quarterback walk through your doors, you know? It’s kinda like he came over to my house. I feel special 😉

So in honor of Damon’s visit, we’re going to run a special now through Sunday November 9th, 2008. We’re giving you $10 off any 4th Gen iPod Battery replacement bringing the price down to $15, INSTALLED! Just use COUPON CODE “CHIEFS” to get your discount when you place your order online. Damon has assured me that he’s bringing back several other iPods for battery replacements, hopefully he’ll take advantage of this special offer as well!