Broken iPod? No Problem.

We are entering our 8th year of business here at Mission Repair and we are excited to continue to bring you quality iPod, Smartphone, Tablet and Computer repair services. One of our all time most popular repair is the 4th Gen iPod Touch screen repair. We have also been servicing iPod Classics for many years. Our certified technicians know their stuff and do their best to fix any kind of issue you are having with your iPod. Not only do we provide quality work but our prices can’t be beat and we are constantly updating our services to stay competitive in the industry.

Have an old iPod you haven’t used for years? Prevent your iPod from collecting dust in a drawer and stop by Mission:Repair.10653831_10152338889317913_4959962550158758050_n

┬áIf you haven’t thought about getting it repaired, call us today at 866-638-8402 or stop by one of our walk-in locations. We offer a FREE diagnosis for any device in which of our certified technicians will take a look at your device and give you a FREE repair quote. We don’t perform ANY repairs until we have your approval. It’s that easy! Contact us today for answers to your iPod, Smartphone, Tablet or Computer repair questions.

Should I Repair My Old iPod Touch?

photoYes! In most cases, repairing your older iPod is much more cost effective than purchasing a new one. Let’s say you have a 4th Gen iPod Touch that needs a screen repair and you can’t get this device to work because it’s cracked. You have a decision to make – purchase a brand new one or get the ‘older’ version repaired.

Mission Repair can have your 4th Gen iPod Touch’s screen replaced for only $49! We’ve performed hundreds of thousands of iPod repair services in the last few years and the proof couldn’t be more evident.

My advice? Look into getting your old unit repaired before purchasing a new one. Again, many times having your device repaired is WAY more cost effective than purchasing a new one. Be sure to give us a call at 1-866-638-8402 or check out our full line of iPod repairs to learn more about our services.

Have a great day,


Mission Repair Price Cuts!

Good morning friends, have you been trying to call into us? Well we did get to everyone, but our handsets were blazing!

Yesterday we had a record number of telephone calls come into the main lines at Mission Repair – calls from our customers looking to place new orders and get their iPhones and iPods repaired before Christmas. Tis the season!

I’m just shooting out a quick blog because we have dropped our prices on many of our services including our most popular service for the iPod Touch 4th Gen Glass Repair. We’ve broken the $100 price barrier and will continue to repair these at lightning speed. It’s what we do!

So watch for price cuts. Why did we lower the price on our most popular, biggest selling repair you might ask? It’s true that I could have kept it at it’s old price, but we received a discount from our vendor because we buy in such large volumes. . .so I’m passing the savings on to you, our customer. I want to be friends for life.

OK, I’ll be back with more blogging later today. Take care, Ryan